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Way to Go, Exile Alliance

Douche recounts his life-or-death situations: he was in a hurricane once. Cool. So was I. More than once, actually. Of course, I lived in Connecticut and the worst thing that happened was it blew our shed down, but I guess that still counts. He was attacked by a shark, but so was Richard Hatch back on Season 8, and he was totally fine. He had a "run-in with a crocodile," but who living in Florida hasn't and it was probably a baby crocodile anyway, and last, but certainly not least, is the asshole-eating Indian tribe. By the way, that's only four times. And Debbie's lips have disappeared in her effort not to start laughing. Douche finishes that he is honest and full of integrity, both in this game and in life. This gives Probst a chance to ask Douche if his old tribe is sticking together in the vote tonight so that Douche may use all of his honesty and integrity to totally lie out loud that they are.

Probst asks Stephen what, if anything, he can do to try to keep from being voted out. Stephen says he's obviously not the biggest threat so he probably won't be voted out tonight and hopefully he'll have enough time to get to know his new tribemates. Probst asks Taj if physical ability is the determining factor in who to vote out. She acknowledges that J.T. is both strong and the greatest person to have ever lived, so he's very dangerous. Probst turns to Douche and asks him the same thing, if the biggest physical threats should go first. This gives Douche a chance to talk about Vikings and their seven layers of Heaven and whatever and he wants to surround himself with warriors. "So Bren -- " Probst begins, only to be interrupted (!!!) by Douche while Taj and Sierra laugh at him. He says if going up against warriors means losing this game himself, it'll be worth it because that's the honorable way. Can't wait to quote that when he's in the final three with Debbie and Erinn. Probst asks Brendan about physical threats, and since Douche does not interrupt him again, Brendan gets a chance to non-answer that it's natural to want to go after physical threats and strength doesn't necessarily get you far in this game.

Probst asks Tyson about the hidden idol. Tyson says that until he knows better, he's going to assume that anyone who's been to Exile has it. With that, Probst asks everyone who's been to Exile if he or she has the idol. They all say no except Brendan, who freely raises his hand and admits to having it. He'd better freaking use it tonight, then, if he's going to admit to having it. Erinn's eyebrows raise at the stupidity of Brendan and it's time to vote.

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