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Way to Go, Exile Alliance

J.T. and Erinn go fishing. Erinn mentions Joe, but everyone has forgotten who he is including so the subject quickly changes to the shit's creek that Erinn is currently up. She says she likes the Jalapeño tribe better than her own and wonders how this is possible. Erinn: Tempura has Tyson and Douche on it, and although the rest of them seem not as horrible, they all hate you. Meanwhile, Jalapeño has J.T., Stephen, and Taj on it, and they are awesome. It's pretty simple math there. J.T. quickly asks Erinn if she has any alliances on Tempura, and she says no, claiming she wanted to stay neutral. Because everyone hated her. That's pretty much how things work for Switzerland, too, I suspect. Erinn interviews that the Jalapeño people need a fourth vote, so she thinks she finally has options in this game. Meanwhile, J.T. interviews that he's happy to have Erinn around if he needs her.

Reward challenge! Today the tribe will be divided into three teams of three. Each team has a bunch of ceramic tiles, and each team member will take turns throwing metal balls at the other teams' tiles to try to break them. Once your tiles are all broken, your team is out. Last team left standing wins a white-water rafting trip and a picnic of sandwiches, chicken wings, and brownies. For some reason, it's the brownies that everyone gets all excited about. The winning team will also choose one person from the losers to go to Exile.

On the black team, we have Debbie, Brendan, and J.T. The red team is Tyson, Taj, and Douche, and the white team is Stephen, Sierra, and Erinn. Let's face it: the white team doesn't have a chance, mostly because of Stephen. Let's also face it: I love Taj, but with all my heart and soul I do not want her team to win although it would be kind of funny to watch Douche attempt to white-water raft, only to reveal that he has no ability at it whatsoever because he's full of crap. Alternately, if he's not full of crap, it would still be funny to watch him be attacked by a tiny tribe of Indians on the river banks. Douche, Stephen, and Debbie head up to the platform to throw, and J.T. is not pleased to see Stephen is aiming for his team's tiles. The players throw, and amazingly, they all connect. Although I guess it's not that amazing since they're aiming for the closest tiles. Let's see Douche break a tile that isn't practically lying at his feet. Of course, he's gracious in victory, giving Brendan a "come on, let's go" as he descends the platform he was no doubt born to stand atop.

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