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Way to Go, Exile Alliance

Debbie stupidly goes off for a swim, leaving J.T. alone with Brendan. Brendan asks J.T. if anyone from Tempura has approached him for an alliance, and J.T., the kind gentle soul with an honest, open face and fun-loving, pure nature, totally lies his ass off and says no without hesitation. Brendan says he wants to keep J.T. in the game, then interviews that he really does, in fact, want to keep J.T. in the game, to the point that if J.T. won, Brendan would consider it a win for him as well. Either Brendan is a moron, or J.T. is capable of Jedi mind tricks.

It's Day 24 at Forza, which means that Stephen has been at Exile for quite some time. Brendan is tired after having spent the entire night awake trying to figure out a way to keep J.T. in the game. Seriously? It took Douche and Tyson all of three seconds to figure it out for themselves, and they're dumb. Brendan must be super-dumb. And yet, he's a millionaire entrepreneur. This gives me hope. He goes to Sierra to tell her about his plan, beginning by saying he wants to keep J.T. in the game. "Oh, now you're making friends with him," Sierra says. Heh. Brendan says J.T. is "such a good dude" and they had an awesome time on the reward challenge Sierra didn't get to go on. Sierra goes with it, saying that she also loves J.T. even though three seconds ago she was all about getting rid of him. Brendan's plan is to activate the Exile alliance and have J.T. join them to vote out everyone else, including Erinn, which is just plain stupid. Align with Erinn, dumbasses. You should have aligned with her a long time ago, really. Sierra interviews that she "respects" J.T., then tells Brendan that "it would absolutely break my heart to send J.T. home." What? Seriously, she began this scene by saying that J.T. was being voted out and having no problem with that at all. Now she loves him too? How is J.T. able to do this without even being present???

FINALLY, Brendan goes for a walk with Taj and asks if she's "ready to change the game." It never occurs to him that she's already gotten an offer like this from someone else. He tells her of his plan to get rid of Douche and Tyson, then acknowledges that this is the first time he's actually spoken to her since the merge. "I know, we haven't had a chance to," Taj says, forgetting to add; "because you've been so busy being a moron." Brendan says he's sure she's feeling "uncomfortable" about his loyalty because of that, but still wants her to trust him. Taj interviews that since half of Tempura is trying to get rid of the other half, the old JalapeƱo members appear to be sitting pretty for now, which is not what any of them expected to happen, I'm sure. Once again, Brendan talks about what a "good dude" J.T. is, and Taj agrees that she loves J.T. "to death." If he ever gets voted out, look for a mass suicide from these people.

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