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Way to Go, Exile Alliance

Immunity challenge! Stephen returns from Exile looking very much alive and Tyson and Douche immediately set upon him with welcome back hugs and fist pounds. Take note of this, Brendan. Probst takes back the immunity necklace from Tyson, which really isn't fair since he never got a chance to use it the first time around. Tyson "jokes" that the necklace is "too gaudy for me" and Debbie, of course, busts out laughing. Tyson confidently predicts that he'll wear it again, though. With that obnoxiousness, Probst explains the challenge: each player is attached to a rope with a carabineer. The rope has been wound through a wooden obstacle course, so players must navigate that in order to follow the rope through to the other side. The first three to do that will compete in another wooden obstacle course, although this one adds height to the obstacles. First one to finish gets immunity.

We begin, and it's fun to watch Douche have trouble right from the start. Taj barely makes it past the beginning, as does Stephen. I don't know how you'd have that much trouble with this, since it looks pretty easy to figure out, if not to throw yourself over and through the obstacles. Tyson, J.T., Brendan, and Sierra make it to the middle post and start trying to thread their rope through to move onto the second obstacle. Douche has given up, as while the rough Amazon waters present one with plenty of opportunity to toss metal balls at ceramic tiles, they do not, apparently, also come with obstacle courses and ropes. "Nothin' prepared him for the rope-a-dope!" Probst cries out gleefully. And ha!! Even Erinn makes it further in the course than Douche. If only he was being beaten with a club, he might be able to find a way to "wear through" the rope tying him down and escape. Tyson and J.T. easily finish in the top two spots, with Brendan and Sierra competing for third place. Brendan gets it. I am very much rooting for him even though he's stupid.

The second round begins, and I'm not pleased to see Tyson take an early lead. Also, this looks extremely dangerous if someone were to fall. Douche sits on the bench since he was nowhere near finishing in the top three and orders Tyson around with his eyes. Seeing all this paint on wood reminds me of a story. Only five people in the world know it, but this one time when I was growing up in the antebellum South, my Aunt Polly made me whitewash the fence. I managed to totally get out of it by convincing all my friends that painting a fence was fun and they even gave me stuff for the privilege of doing it! But then I witnessed Injun Joe murder Dr. Robinson and had to testify against him so that Muff Potter wouldn't take the fall for the crime and then Becky and I got lost in a cave that Injun Joe was using as a hideout! He didn't see me, though, and we managed to get out of the cave, which Becky's dad sealed off so no one else could go in there and get lost. I told them that Injun Joe was in there even though he swore to get revenge on me for testifying against him, but by the time they opened the cave up again, it was too late and he was dead. But that ended up being okay because my friend Huck and I knew that he had a hidden treasure of gold coins and went back into the caves to search for it, found it, and got to keep it!

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