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Way to Go, Exile Alliance

Anyway, Brendan manages to take the lead, only to get stuck at the very end and lose to Tyson. Douche grins and interviews about the plan to vote Brendan out but split the votes in case he plays his idol. And just in case you forgot, Brendan is a dragon and Douche is the dragon slayer. Maybe if he says it a hundred more times, it'll sound clever. Probst puts the necklace back on Tyson, who obnoxiously models it for the semi-adoring crowd. Probst sends them away, and Brendan interviews that since Tyson has immunity, Douche will be going home tonight, which he's pretty happy about. Notice that Brendan does not have to compare Douche to an animal in order to make his point.

Kooky music plays us into Camp Forza, where Stephen eagerly congratulates Tyson on his win and praises his challenge performance. Brendan pays no attention to this, or to the fact that Tyson gives Stephen another hug while Douche fist-pounds J.T. just to be able to touch him. Stephen tells the group about how he managed to start a fire and that it was one of the best moments of his life. He's had too much attention, so Douche steps up and proclaims "the Wizard is coming into The Man of the Mountain." Huh? What does that even mean except something having to do with gay sex? Then, while Brendan, Sierra, Erinn, and Douche are off somewhere, Tyson quickly ascertains that the remaining contestants are voting for either Brendan or Sierra tonight. Tyson interviews that he set up this master plan to split the votes between Brendan and Sierra even though Stephen was the one who thought of it and is looking forward to finally being able to carry it out. Tyson hopes that Brendan does not play his idol so that Sierra will be at camp alone for three days and he can boss her around and tell her to shut up. "It probably won't win me her vote from the jury but it'd probably win me everybody else's vote." Yes, because who isn't entertained by watching a relatively harmless and pleasant enough young lady be kicked when she's down?

Brendan then comes up to strategize with J.T., Stephen, and Sierra. He interviews that the Exile alliance "hibernated," by which he means "I totally neglected it because I'm too short-sighted to see that I'm going to really, really need it if the rest of my tribe, which is full of untrustworthy asshole psychopaths, were to turn against me." But now he's convinced it's back and with a new member in J.T. Brendan proposes eliminating Douche tonight, and the look on J.T.'s face as he acts like the thought of someone from Tempura going home tonight instead of JalapeƱo never occurred to him is amazing. "That would be awesome, dude!" J.T. says so sincerely. Brendan interviews that he's looking forward to engineering the biggest blindside in the game thus far.

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