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Nobag Is Gabon Spelled Stupid

Of course, Probst doesn't know what to do with any of this, so he just ignores it in favor of stating the obvious that Crystal has been "vocal," and asking her if she regrets that. Crystal says she doesn't. She cries and people call her delusional, but she speaks the truth. Probst turns to Charlie and asks him if Randy and Crystal have cause to be worried about the upcoming vote, since they've been very outspoken tonight. Charlie says people should really think before they speak, especially if they're only talking to get something off their chest for selfish reasons.

Probst addresses Ken and asks him if, now that they're together, opinions about people have changed. Ken takes this opportunity to call out Charlie, saying he didn't know much about Charlie before, but now thinks he's a nice, great guy. Ken, you're trying too hard and I don't like it. Charlie says Ken is a great guy, too. Probst asks Randy if his feelings have changed about anyone, and Randy says that Ken has grown up and changed since the beginning of this game. Uh oh, Ken -- you probably should have used your pull with the alliance to get rid of Randy tonight, because he's onto you.

Probst asks Sugar if it's helped her being on Exile "Island" and therefore not around camp to irritate people. Sugar says she doesn't think she would irritate people if she was around camp more, because she's nice and not hateful like some people coughRandycough. Being away from camp has only been a disadvantage and given her tribemates the opportunity to plot against her. "I have a good idea of who everybody is," Sugar says cryptically. With that, Probst asks Susie if she wants to give her immunity to anyone, and she sure as hell doesn't. Time to vote!

Charmingly, Randy votes for Crystal (writing her initials C.C. on the paper) and snarls "bitch!" I really don't understand why the women aren't lining up outside his house for a piece of that. While others go up to vote, Sugar starts crying. Why? I hope it's not because she's voting with a group that includes a racist creep. Ken votes for Charlie, spelling his name wrong. And Charlie votes for Crystal, saying he's "really mad" at her for taking out "my Marcus." Well hopefully you'll be back with him soon. Or not, as Sugar heads up to vote and stands there sobbing and seemingly undecided.

But she finally does vote, and Probst returns with the urn. No one will be playing her immunity idol today, and Probst reads the votes. The first vote is for Crystal. The second is Randy's vote for "C.C.," and Probst has to ask who cast it and who it's actually for. Ha! I don't think he's had to do that since Season 5. What is it with grumpy, unpleasant white men who vote for black women? Randy is more than happy to own up to the vote and say it's meant for Crystal, and Probst lectures him about the proper way to vote. Crystal gets a third vote, and then a fourth. Things are looking bad, but ... there's a vote for Charlie. He's surprised. A second vote for Charlie. A third vote for Charlie, who puts his face in his hands, knowing exactly what's going on now. And then there's the fourth. There's one vote left. And who did Sugar vote for? Charlie! Fang lives! Corinne is shocked. Ha ha ha! I liked Charlie and I don't want him to go, but it's worth it to see how upset it makes Corinne. She fucking deserves it, and I hope Sugar watched tonight's episode and heard all the stuff Corinne said about her and knew she made the right decision. Marcus is disgusted, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, probably because he knows that life at the Loser's Lodge just got a lot clingier for him. It's still better than spending three days with just Randy, though. Charlie doesn't look too bummed, because now he gets to hang out with his Marcus.

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