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Nobag Is Gabon Spelled Stupid

Tribe merged, Probst explains the challenge. Each player is given steel, flint, and a box of fire fuel. The goal is to make a fire high enough to burn through a rope, and the first person to do so wins immunity. At this non-surprise announcement, Bob makes an interesting gesture with his hand. I think he's pumping his fist, but the camera cuts him off about the waist so it kinda looks like he's jacking it. Between this and his little air-hump when he saw that herb garden reward, Bob is a man of suggestive movements. Must be interesting being in his physics class. Also, when all the contestants are behind their individual fire-making stations they look like Flintstones-era deejays. Unfortunately, the players don't get to make their fires in silence, as Probst natters on about fire representing life and the ability to make it signifying how much the contestants have learned out here while they work. Bob works frantically, but amazingly enough, it's Susie who gets a fire started first, much to Probst's annoyance. Looking cool as a cucumber, Susie patiently adds bigger pieces of wood to her fire. And the next person to start a fire is ... Sugar. HA! I love it. You know she's never started a fire out here before this moment. Meanwhile, Matty cuts himself on the finger. Fail! "Somebody else better get in this challenge," Probst whines, hating to see his precious men being shown up by these ladies. Matty is disgusted as both Sugar and Susie's fires grow and their ropes start to burn. Yes, this is awesome. Susie seems to have the winning edge over Sugar, and I believe it's because she takes the time to nurture and talk her to her fire and tell it where to burn. The rest of the contestants can only watch and hopefully think about all the things they might have said about how Susie and Sugar wouldn't be able to start a fire, no matter what.

And then, Susie wins! HA!!!! HA!!!! I love it! No one else was even close! All that work Susie did around camp actually paid off! Susie is a CHALLENGE MONSTER! Forget you, Marcus! Crystal gives Susie a hug, and Sugar makes a fake pouting face. Ken claps for Susie as Probst puts the immunity necklace around her neck, and you know he's hating every minute of it. He says they'll all be going back to the Fang camp so that they may be cursed equally, where they'll have to come up with a new tribe name and paint the flag. And they'll have no rice. At all. But what of Bob's herb garden? The contestants leave, and Randy tells us that they've finally merged, but he's determined to see Crystal out of this game tonight because he can't stand her. Either she's going home tonight or he is, he says. Because it's a really good idea to pit yourself against someone who has control of the majority of votes.

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