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Nobag Is Gabon Spelled Stupid

The new tribe heads back to Camp Fang. Sure enough, Bob's herb garden is there waiting for them! As is the rest of Kota's food supply, the better for Ken and Crystal to waste at everyone else's expense with. Why couldn't they have stayed at Kamp Kota instead? There appeared to be a much better stocked lake there. Matty says everyone was happy to see the new food and old tribe mates, but soon enough, the game started again. Randy and Charlie meet in the woods. Charlie asks Randy if he knows anything, and Randy starts in with wanting Crystal gone. Charlie says if they get Sugar's vote, they'll be all set. He tells us that there are two sides in the new tribe with four solid members each. "And then there's Sugar," he says, and the editors cut to a shot of Sugar singing "hallelujah!" to herself. Brilliant. Charlie thinks Sugar has ties to both sides as well as a different strategy than anyone else. That's because your tribe sent her to Exile "Island" over and over and over again. Do you really think she'll want to align with you guys after that?

Sugar heads out with Corinne, and guess what? She hates Randy. A lot. She doesn't want to live with him for a second longer than she has to. Meanwhile, she does know that Corinne is in a tight alliance with Randy, does she not? What could saying how much she wants him gone really accomplish? Corinne says she feels Sugar's pain, but voting Randy out tonight would be shooting themselves in the foot. Um ... it wouldn't be shooting Sugar in the foot. She'll be just fine over on her Fang alliance. Step off the "we" button, Corinne. Charlie walks up to help the arm-twisting, and Sugar again says that she can't live with Randy and "he's going to cause big problems." How does Sugar do it? How does she seem so incredibly stupid and out of it one minute, and then is far and away the smartest person out there the next? She is a mystery. Charlie insists that "we" need Randy at least one more round. Again -- you need Randy. Sugar doesn't. Charlie and Corinne say they'll be happy to get rid of Randy at the next vote, and Corinne assures Sugar that she cares about her opinion and making her feel comfortable. Corinne then turns around and tells us that -- horror of horrors -- now that they need Sugar's vote, she has to act like she cares about what Sugar has to say. Sugar seemingly agrees to vote Crystal out next, with Charlie promising her it'll be the "Kota Foursome 'til the end." No, Sugar! You're not in the Kota Foursome! "Sugar is so weak and naïve and gullible," Corinne says, noting that she's been a bitch to Sugar for twenty-five days of this game and has been nice to her for one, and that one was enough to win her vote. Um ... does Corinne remember that Ace got voted out? And that Sugar must have made that happen? And he was nice to her for more than one day. "She's such a moron," Corinne assumes. Nothing like saying things on national television that could come back to bite you hard in the ass, huh, Corinne?

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