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Nobag Is Gabon Spelled Stupid

Meanwhile, Matty, Ken, Susie, and Crystal are together trying to figure things out. Matty and Susie have spent enough time with Corinne and Charlie to know that they're an unbreakable alliance. Matty also knows that Randy wants Crystal out first. Everyone decides that the Charlie-Corinne bond needs to be broken, and they want Corinne gone first because she's so unpleasant. "Corinne is just hurting herself with her own personality," Susie says. "Oh god, she's horrendous!" Matty agrees; "I can't handle her. She is awful." Susie is so glad that someone else in her alliance has sent enough time with Corinne (a.k.a. more than two minutes) to know what her life was like on the Kota tribe with her, and she and Matty high-five. Man, Corinne must be just horrible if both Matty and Susie, who seem to like pretty chill and laid back people to me, can hate her so much. Ken has not sent any time with Corinne, though, so he has a different idea, saying they should get rid of Charlie first. "He's the brains behind everything," he says. I don't think anyone is the brains behind anything at this point, to be honest. And neither does Ken, as he tells us that he's carrying a Randy-style grudge against Charlie for screwing him over with the immunity idol during the non-merge feast, so he lied to his alliance that Charlie was the Kota mastermind to get rid of him. Dumb move, Ken. People don't like being used for your own personal grudges. Nevertheless, the four agree that Charlie goes next, and Ken is very satisfied with himself.

Ken does his geek run off to find Sugar, and tells her his "Charlie is the brains behind Kota" theory. "Really?" Sugar says, appearing totally innocent. Man, she is freaking slick as hell. She's coming off just as dumb and easily-swayed to Ken as she was to Corinne, which means she has to be playing one of them. Or both. But it can't be neither. In fact, Sugar tells us that she seems to be "the lady of the hour!" Everyone's coming up to her and trying to get her vote. She doesn't tell us who she's going with, though.

Plotting over, it's time to think up a new tribe name. Ken comes up with "Nobag," which is "Gabon" backwards. Yes, it is. It also sounds horrible, worse than Erik's little brainstorm of "Dabu" last season. And yet, that's what they go with. As they paint their new flag, Sugar tells us that she doesn't trust Ken now that she knows that he lied to her to get Ace voted out. On the other hand, she doesn't have any allegiance to Randy or Corinne. "I don't trust any of these guys," she concludes; "I have no clue what to do." The new, brightly painted and not as horrifically ugly as past merge flags have been Nobag flag is put up and the contestants head for Tribal Council.

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