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Termites Of Endearment

Gary, meanwhile, tells us that it's all a matter of "who's athletic and not." He carries on in this vein for a bit, and while I would normally maintain that myopic obsession with athletic ability is very foolish, I also think that for this particular tribe, they're so outgunned that I'm not surprised it came to this for them. Also, aren't athletes just better people than everyone else? I'm pretty sure I remember that from eleventh grade.

Tribal council. Jeff starts out by asking Steph if things are "feeling a little familiar." She smiles a little and acknowledges her "horrible flashbacks." She doesn't like losing, and she doesn't like coming to tribal council to get rid of anyone. Jeff baits her to talk about her frustration during the immunity challenge at the lack of help from certain people on her team. Steph affirms that, indeed, she was pretty frustrated. She says that she was with Lydia and Brianna, who "haven't really played sports, and they didn't know what a pick was, and it's frustrating, but they're doing their best." Her comments didn't play quite as badly to me on second listen as they did when I first heard them, at least, but she really, really needs to chill out about the pick, because come on. Jeff asks Brianna if it's fair for Steph to "come down on [her] because [she] didn't know what a pick was." Which isn't, in fairness, quite what Steph just did. Jeff prodded Steph to talk about her frustration, and Steph said that it frustrated her that Brianna didn't know more about sports, but she also said she knew Brianna was doing her best. Brianna says she didn't think people were coming down on her for that. Jamie rolls his eyes, which is not necessary, because this is all none of his business, and I want him to go away rather urgently all of a sudden. Brianna returns to insisting that she did her best. Again, I'm not sure that's the best possible argument. Jeff points out that Lydia, while not effective either, was at least trying. Lydia says either "I stunk today" or "I sucked today," but she adds that she was in there doing her best to help the team.

Jeff asks Brian if he thinks the tribe is outmatched. Brian admits that the other tribe may be more athletic, but he doesn't think Yaxha is outmatched "in how much we like each other." Well, then. How inspiringly...dorky. Missing the opportunity to prod Brian into a rendition of "We Are The Champions," Jeff then asks Amy about her limp. Is she concerned that she'll be booted because the team thinks she's injured? Amy says that she turned her ankle, but that it's not broken, so she's "good to go." Jeff asks Gary whether the injuries play a role in his thinking about his vote tonight. Gary says that "athleticism is big," and that people who can't help in challenges can't stay. Amy, asked again about her ankle, basically says that if she gets booted, she knows it will be because the team is worried about her ankle, and she tells them again not to be worried about her ankle, which isn't that bad: "Don't make a mistake." Jeff announces that it's time to vote.

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