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Termites Of Endearment

Lydia votes. Rafe votes. Brianna votes for Lydia, saying that Lydia never looked her in the eye or talked to her. Good reason. Brian votes. Jamie votes for Brianna. "You're a girly-girl," he says. "You need to go back to the shopping mall and leave the jungle." And you need to go back to your mom's house and have her slap the grease out of your hair, smart guy. Amy votes. Gary votes. Steph votes, saying, "I have to do what's right for this tribe right now; we've got to win immunity. I can't be on a losing streak anymore." Just remember, there's no "you" in "team." Jeff goes off to tally the votes.

One for Brianna. One for Lydia. Brianna, Brianna, Brianna, Brianna. They certainly are remaining unified, if nothing else. I'm shocked at the total failure of this tribe to do any apparent strategizing at all. If there are alliances or groupings, even social ones, I don't see them yet. It's extremely weird. I don't see them on Nakum either, unless you count the fact that people don't seem to like Margaret. Odd.

Jeff razzes the tribe about the hazards of "voting based solely on physical strength." Because Brianna was...a genius? He sends the group back to camp, and we are finished suffering for another week.

In her interview, Brianna basically admits that she wasn't athletic enough. "It was the best eight days of my life," she says. I'm always surprised when people say that. I mean...really? Better than time with your family? Even when these eight days end in total loss? Seems odd to me.

Next week: Crocodile! Farmer Beavis has it rough, which is good. Also: Twist! Or something.

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