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Termites Of Endearment

Clouds move in speedy-motion, and then we are at a challenge course. Jeff calls in the teams, and they line up on their mats. He reveals to Nakum that Yaxha got rid of Morgan. Jeff explains that the ruins all around are in various stages of being excavated and that, today, they're going to build an archeologist's tent. Jeff tries to make a big theme moment out of it, but it's just silly. This could get sillier than pirates. Once again, it's just an attempt to dress up a challenge from previous seasons by changing the decorations. It's nothing more or less than the usual challenge where one person calls out to lead a bunch of blindfolded dorks around a course picking stuff up and bringing it back, and then when you have all of it, you put it together into something else. In this case, the blindfolded dorks are picking up nine bundles of stuff and then building a tent from all the stuff. The first tribe to finish it will take home blankets, pillows, a tarp, rope, a lantern, and so forth. Probst calls this package "Comfort." I'm not sure I associate ropes with comfort. Nakum's caller for the challenge will be Brooke; Yaxha's will be Gary, who will have to be reminded not to yell out numbers or the word "hike" when he's calling the plays.

"Ready...go!" Calling, fumbling...they're tied together in little groups, and my favorite part is where Judd swings a big log around and bonks Danni in the noggin, after which Brooke helpfully says, "Watch your head, Danni." So it's like, "Watch your it swells up like a balloon." Whoever decided that Judd and Danni should be lashed together...that person is my friend. A few people get hit with things, but there's nothing as spectacular as some of the blows of the past, like Colby and Big Tom conking into each other. If they're going to do this challenge, I want to see some bodies hit the ground. Come on, you bunch of wimps! Furthermore, it's weird, but I actually think Gary is using a little bit of his "see the whole field" skills here: he seems to be able to keep track of everybody a little more calmly than people usually can, not that it helps him all that much. Yaxha finishes slightly ahead of Nakum, and Steph immediately tries to break up the work by saying, "Girls untie; boys build." Meh. It's not a bad idea, but it comes off bossy as well as kind the Ladies' Auxiliary. Nobody rolls bandages in Survivor, you know? While Nakum takes another couple of minutes to finish collecting their items, Yaxha squanders its lead by screwing up the construction of the tent frame. Ultimately, Nakum passes Yaxha in the assembly, and although it's very, very close, Nakum wins again. Yaxha didn't do that challenge badly, they just got nosed out. Jeff sends them back to camp empty-handed, and then gives the load of reward stuff to Nakum.

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