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Termites Of Endearment

Later, it is suddenly Day 8. Judd and Danni bring back treemail that suggests a sporting challenge. It makes vague references to body paint and human sacrifice. Awesome! Danni talks about all the body paint and how it's just like how she puts paint on before a Chiefs football game. Oh, she's one of those people. I hate those people. ["I hate those people generally as well as her in particular, which is handy." -- Wing Chun] She crows for a while about how they've won four out of five challenges so far, and I seriously hope that's the setup for the comeuppance that she richly deserves.

Meanwhile at Yaxha, Brian tries to pump up his fundamentally unpumpable team. Jamie even tries to cover Brian's mouth near the end of his pep talk, which is a little bit jerky, but it's not like I don't understand. Lydia talks about how important the immunity challenge is, and about how much they don't want to go to tribal council. She personally doesn't want to spend any more time trying to avoid being booted, either. Yaxha spends some time getting painted up as well. Brian babbles on about how important it is not to lose any more people, and is definitely trying to get himself appointed Chief Morale Officer.

Jeff welcomes the teams to the challenge. This is another challenge where you spend more time explaining it than it really warrants, but basically, it's basketball, only you're playing it by running around on a court made of netting, and you throw the ball horizontally through a circle rather than making it drop through a hoop, and you can't move with the ball, so you have to just move it by passing it, and tackling is allowed. I really hate how Blake's chest has "Texas" painted on it. People from Texas are more obnoxious about being from their state than anyone else, ever. Other than that, it's hard to complain about how anyone looks in their body paint, because everyone looks ridiculous. Lots of feathers sticking up from people's heads. Oh, survivors, what has become of your dignity? ["I think they screen out the dignified contestants in casting." -- Wing Chun]

Jeff takes immunity back from Judd, so it's "back up for grabs." The game will be played in three-on-three arrangements. First tribe to score five will win.

The first game is between Judd/Blake/Bobby Jon and Brian/Rafe/Jamie. And as you watch this, it's hard not to notice that not only did Nakum start off with five guys to Yaxha's four, but Nakum's four remaining guys are Judd, Blake, Bobby Jon, and Farmer Beavis. While Brian appears to be a decent athlete, he's not a big huge guy, and Rafe is pretty much spaghetti-legged, and Gary is old, and Jamie is...fine, but nothing to write home about. It probably is, in terms of the guys, the biggest mismatch of athletic ability they've ever set up. The game begins. There is some back and forth, and then, ultimately, Brian gets the score for Yaxha. "Now we're doing it like the Maya did!" Jeff calls out. I hope he's embarrassed by that, watching it now. I know I'm embarrassed for him.

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