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Termites Of Endearment

The next round is two men and one woman: Judd/Blake/Margaret versus Rafe/Jamie/Amy. Blake scores. And furthermore, Amy's got an injury of some sort, so that will not help, considering that Steph is kind of no match for Danni AND Cindy AND Brooke AND Margaret.

Next up, Cindy/Brooke/Danni versus Steph/Lydia/Brianna. With the women, the athletic ability is, at best, a draw for Yaxha. In this particular matchup, they're clearly outgunned in terms of athleticism. One of the interesting pieces of this particular round is how Brianna just stands there and doesn't move, like, at all. ["That would be me, I'm embarrassed to say. It's why I failed Gym in Grade 8." -- Wing Chun] Lydia, having failed to grasp the rules, gets the ball and runs with it, so that won't work. Danni scores, so Nakum is up 2-1.

Now, Blake/Brandon/Bobby Jon versus Rafe/Gary/Brian. Nakum scores again, and they're up 3-1. Jeff reminds them all that it's 114 degrees outside. I'm sure they appreciate his bringing it up like that.

The next round is Blake/Bobby Jon/ Brooke versus Rafe/Gary/Amy, with Amy limping. Nice. That's an even matchup. Rafe actually manages to score, though, much to my surprise, so now Nakum is only up 3-2. Shows you what I know.

"Men on men!" Jeff announces. And...okay, then. It's always lingered right on the edge of turning into just that kind of show, really. Judd/Bobby Jon/Blake versus Jamie/Brian/Gary. Jamie manages to score, so now we're tied. This challenge is taking way too long.

Next round: Danni/Cindy/Brandon versus Amy/Lydia/Rafe. Danni scores, and Nakum leads 4-3.

Now Cindy/Margaret/Danni play Steph/Lydia/Brianna. As they prepare to go out, Steph asks Brianna and Lydia if they know what a pick is. Heh. They don't. She tries to give the two-second explanation, but it's totally not happening. Again, Steph needs someone to throw it to once she gets the ball, and again, Brianna just stands there. Lydia isn't doing much better, but at least she seems to be trying. It's not editing, either: when they're showing Steph and Danni, you can actually see Brianna just standing in the corner, completely motionless. I don't know what possessed her, I really don't. It's like Jeff said "Go!," but some part of her heard, "No!" Like, "No movement! No twitching! No trying!" The tribe starts yelling at Brianna, but she doesn't move. Steph ultimately has to give the ball to Lydia so that Steph can at least move herself and pray for a pass, but Lydia immediately gets the ball stolen by Margaret, and before you know it, it's over. Among other things, Danni is about eight feet tall which, in this particular challenge, is way too much to overcome when you combine it with everything else. So Yaxha will be going back to tribal council.

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