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Termites Of Endearment

Later, it is not a good time at Yaxha. Steph gives an interview that starts out okay as she expresses her frustration at being on a tribe that "doesn't seem to be too good at winning in the beginning, and someone sprains their ankle." You'll remember, she did have an ankle-sprain on her last tribe as well. She tells the tribe about how dehydrated she felt during the challenge, and how she was trying not to cry so that no more water would get out. Heh. See, if she were talking more like that -- that's kind of the way I remember her from the first time. Steph interviews that Amy has a lot of strength and is now injured, while Brianna just kind of stands around. She explains how Brianna's head was "completely up her butt" during the challenge. "I had to literally pull it out," she adds. By which she means "not literally," I certainly assume, because I really think they would have shown that, complete with a little popping sound. And then there's Lydia, whom Steph loves, but who is also not great at challenges. The thing is that Steph is basically right that her tribe is completely overmatched athletically -- I don't disagree. And the injury to Amy, who actually has some ability, really sucks. Steph's also right that Brianna reached a level of lump-like inertia that one rarely finds during a challenge, unless you're talking about one of the really Zen ones where your task is not to move. "Part of me just wishes, like, why, just once, why can't I just be on a great tribe?" Steph wonders. Ugh. It's such a bad thing to say. For one thing, most people only ever get to be on one tribe, so complaining that no matter how many times they bring you back and put you in the game, your tribe still isn't good...that's not going to make you any friends. Furthermore, Ulong certainly appeared to have it all over Koror in athleticism until they inexplicably kept getting their asses kicked. A lot of these challenges have been really close, too. The web challenge was super-close, as was the tent one earlier in this episode, and without Danni's height advantage and the fact that all the guys on Nakum who are left are athletes or are at least big like Judd, Steph's tribe could have competed in the thing today. She's not losing so badly that it's time to conclude that her tribe can't win. Also, it's just snotty, which is sad, because I don't like seeing Steph be snotty. I know what she means, and she's legitimately frustrated, but she's coming off way too self-pitying.

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