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The Cult Of Rob

Murlonio return to camp, and Rob makes sure to suck up to Phillip and congratulate him on his Tribal Council performance. "You were a soldier out there tonight," he says, then hugs Phillip and whispers in his ear that he is not at the bottom of this alliance, but at the top. "I know that," Phillip grins. But is Rob talking out of his ass? Not so much, as he interviews that Phillip is loyal and seemingly can't be turned by arguments from the other tribe that he's at the bottom of his alliance. Rob says he will "reward" Phillip for his obedience and loyalty. Rob is getting way too confident here. I'm looking forward to his inevitable downfall. He says Phillip is probably playing up a lot of his craziness, but "he is a little crazy." And that makes him someone Rob wants to bring to the end.

The next morning, it's raining, but Phillip gets up to prepare rice or coffee for his tribemates and serve it to them in bed. He interviews that he knows everyone else thinks he's crazy and naïve, just like he knows that this is a game and everyone thinks he can win it against someone like Phillip. He says he knows Rob well enough by now to know that he is an especially attractive Final Three player to him. Sometimes Phillip seems to be insightful and smart and putting this all on as an act, but other times he's just as crazy and naïve as everyone thinks he is. Therefore, I have no idea what he's about anymore. I only know that he's not a Federal Agent. He's still promising us that he's going to make a move, but says now is not the time for one.

Ralph believes it is the time for him, and talks to David about talking to someone on Onomatopoeia about how they have to turn against Rob now or else he'll win the million. David thinks Ralph should be careful and wait until the right time, because he'll only get one chance to talk to the other tribe. "Don't do something stupid," David warns. "All right," Ralph shrugs, then interviews that he has to start playing this game before it's too late. He gets his chance when he and David are around the firepit with Phillip and Andrea. Phillip starts talking about how important and awesome it is that his alliance has stuck together like this, and Ralph agrees that is important -- until the merge. Then, Ralph says, you have to play for yourself and yourself only. "You wanna win the million, or you wanna let Rob win it?" Ralph asks. Phillip says he doesn't want to talk about this. Andrea says nothing. So that means Phillip, who is the wrong person to be approached, is being talked to by the wrong person to do the approaching. Predictably, it goes nowhere and only alienates Zapato from Onomatopoeia even more. David complains that no one wants to play this game, so it's not very fun and there's nothing he can do except hope he isn't voted out next. I don't think we've ever seen an alliance as solidly together as Onomatopoeia, which is impressive. Then again, we've never had someone play this game four times before, either. And against a bunch of people who never played it at all. Still, what Rob has managed to do is impressive, if really boring.

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