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The Cult Of Rob

The tribe arrives at their next immunity challenge. Phillip is not wearing his feather. I'm disappointed. Probst explains the challenge: there's a bar suspended over a pool of water and each contestant must hold onto that bar for as long as he can. If people are still left after 20 minutes, they will only be allowed to use their legs to hold onto the bar. The last person left wins immunity. Also, there is a pile of cheeseburgers at a nearby table. If someone feels secure enough about his place in the game to forgo the challenge entirely, he can have as many of them as he can eat until the challenge ends. Only two people go for the food: Steve and Phillip. I'm guessing Phillip figures he's safe enough tonight that he can indulge himself, whereas Steve doesn't think he has a chance to win this and might as well get some real food into his system.

The challenge begins. Phillip and Steve load up their burgers and dig in. Steve says they taste amazing. Probst says they'd better, because they could cost him a million dollars. Meanwhile, Rob seems to be having trouble already staying on the bar. He tries to get into a better position, but ultimately falls into the water. He is not pleased to lose so soon, and to have to spend the rest of the challenge sitting next to the burgers he can't eat. Phillip is being an asshole, so he cheers his teammates on and says David seems to be faring poorly, as his head is "turning blue." David deadpans that he's happy to have Phillip's concern. Probst says it seems like David and Phillip don't like each other. David says he doesn't have any problems with Phillip, who says he has many problems with David. Probst asks David if he'll be friends with Phillip when this is done. "Best friends," David says.

Twenty minutes and five burgers later, it's time for the contestants to switch to hanging on by their legs only. While Grant chooses to hang from his knees, David and Ralph suspend themselves by using one leg to lock in the other over the bar. Julie doesn't do anything, as she was pretty much done for as soon as her arms were off the bar. She's the second contestant to drop out. Grant and Ralph soon follow her, leaving David against the three Onomatopoeia women. Ashley, meanwhile, is holding onto her feet with her arms, which somehow doesn't count as using your arms to help you hold on. That doesn't seem fair.

David moves his arms, and Phillip tells the women that he's "making little adjustments." "It's called scratching my ass," David fires back. 45 minutes in, the three women are all using their arms to keep their legs locked in. David is in pain and struggling. The women don't seem to be having much trouble. Phillip starts talking about how David's leg will soon be "decapitated," but David is in too much pain to make any witty retorts. Finally, he falls. The women talk amongst themselves over who gets to win the now-pointless immunity. Andrea says she would really like to win it, so Natalie and Ashley fall and give Andrea the win. Poor David climbs out of the water and staggers over to the bench, hardly able to walk after the challenge. Phillip and Rob both congratulate him on his efforts, which is easy for them to do now that he lost and so his efforts won't ruin their game plan. The women don't seem to have nearly as much difficulty walking. Probst gives Andrea her immunity necklace and says whoever is voted out tonight will join Matt and Mike on Redemption Island, which is starting to get crowded.

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