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The Cult Of Rob

The tribe return to camp. Phillip gives his usual post-challenge speech, which the editors cut off right after it starts in favor of a Rob interview where he says winning is still important for his tribe this late in the game, because it keeps all of their spirits up and means Zapato can't even begin to get any momentum. Momentum-less Ralph decides to check on the fishing net, which is apparently just laying there on the rocks near the water without anyone so much as trying to use it to catch fish. Sure enough, he finds plenty of fish stuck in the net. Rob goes down to check it out, asking if the fish are alive or dead. They're dead, so Rob says they are not good to eat. He holds one up and points out how stiff it is, meaning it's been dead for a while and thus has gone bad. Ralph thinks the fish are still good to eat, pointing out that he once caught some fish on the riverbank and they'd been dead for three hours before he was able to get back to camp to cook them. I'm not sure who is right here; I probably wouldn't eat fish that had been dead and lying out in the sun for hours unless I was starving, which these people all are. Julie suspects that Rob is trying to convince his tribe that the fish are bad because he doesn't want them to have anything to do with Zapato or take anything from them.

Zapato cook up their dead fish and dig in. Onomatopoeia lie in the shelter and watch, Grant looking particularly hungry. Rob interviews that he is the general and his alliance is the army, and they all must be loyal soldiers and do as they're told. But wait! What is this? Grant decides to help himself to Zapato's generous offer of fish, interviewing that he's hungry and he needs the food, no matter what Rob says. "I'm my own man, I make my own decisions," he claims. And then, as Julie offers Grant more fish, Rob calls him back over to the Onomatopoeia shelter and Grant makes his own decision to fall in line with Rob. Zapato comments that Rob's control over his alliance is pretty amazing and it's obvious that no one will even think about crossing him.

Rob says tonight's decision is between David, a possible challenge threat and strategist, and Steve, who is barely hanging on and tells Ralph he doesn't know how much longer he can last. Rob says voting Steve out when he wants to go so badly could be a "mercy kill" that gets Rob a jury vote. And that's basically all the suspense we're going to get going into Tribal, as Rob and his loyal soldiers have made this game very boring and obvious. Part of me likes that, because this is what the producers deserve for putting Rob back on the show for a fourth freaking time, while another part of me would have preferred a more exciting and unpredictable season. Oh well.

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