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The Cult Of Rob

We still have Phillip to provide us with entertainment. Probst asks if the feather he's wearing tonight is the same one from before. Phillip says it certainly is. Probst asks if he's been meditating lately. This somehow leads Phillip to talk about the "highly effective and beauteous and glorious operation" that is his alliance. "It's called STEALTH!" he begins. "R," Rob sighs. "Us," Grant reluctantly concludes. They are so embarrassed right now. Also, does Phillip know what "stealth" means? Because he's talking about everything his alliance has done and will do right now. He says he's the "specialist," and his job is to infiltrate the "former Zapara - Zapatera tribe." Does Phillip have a learning disability or something? How is he this bad with names? Especially the name of his own tribe. He continues that Rob is "the mentalist," and Grant is "the assassin" and "the destroyer of aspirations." As for the three women who are in their alliance, they also have a name now: "the Three Degrees," who clearly have no idea what Phillip is talking about but are enjoying listening to it all the same as long as they don't burst out laughing in Phillip's face.

"Wow," Probst says, asking Ralph how he can possibly beat something like Stealth R Us (and the Three Degrees!). Ralph wonders if Phillip's great-great grandfather appeared to him in a meditation and told him not to bother with the challenge in favor of eating hamburgers. Oooh, burn! But Phillip says his tribemates know who he is and what he contributes to their efforts, so he's not worried what they think of him for sitting out the challenge. Probst asks Steve why he chose to sit out. Steve says he didn't think he had a chance to win immunity, so he took the food. Boring! Probst turns back to Phillip and asks him if anyone from the other tribe is trying to find a crack in his alliance. Phillip says they are, but his alliance is too strong with their "highly effective" buddy system. Probst grins like an idiot over this phrase and repeats it. Julie says no one from the other tribe is ever alone. "Rob has complete control over them. It's not even a tribe. It's a cult," she says. Rob does not seem to appreciate Julie's words, but neither he nor anyone else in his cult say anything.

Probst asks David if the only thing left for Zapato's members is to hope it isn't one of them tonight. David says that yeah, things are "virtually insurmountable" for his tribemates, which is why Redemption Island is looking like an attractive option. Maybe people would be trying harder to stay in this game if they didn't have that to fall back on. Redemption Island sucks. With that, they vote. David votes for Rob by writing his name down four times and asking if that can count as four votes. "Hopefully, this works," he laughs. For the second time this episode, Phillip's feather knocks into the roof of the voting booth as he enters. Probst returns with the urn, no one plays an idol, and Onomatopoeia smile as the futile votes for Rob are read. David's comes up, and Probst says it will only count as one vote, not the four he requested. David can't help but claim credit for his witty little vote, saying he had to try. And then the rest of the votes are for him, sending him to Redemption Island. "Anything can happen," Probst tells the remaining contestants. I kind of doubt that, though. I have a feeling the next three votes are going to be pretty boring. I hope I'm wrong.

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