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A Bug in the System

Previously on Survivor, the Jackée tribe finally figured out what the rest of us have known all season: Matthew is a serial killer. Sadly, HeiDDi didn't find out the hard way. Rob Base(ment) pretended to want Davey Rockett to leave because he was a threat and not because the ladies liked him better. Deena and Davey Rockett took separate baths and peeked at each other around a curtain, while Davey Rockett grinned at her adorably. Davey Rockett, by the way, did nearly everything adorably. Jenna did nothing to earn immunity, but she won it anyway, and then Davey Rockett got unanimously voted out. Eight remain. Who will be voted out tonight?

It's dawnish on Day 25 at Jackée. Rob Base(ment) paces while Matthew works on the fire and Jenna scratches herself in her sleep. In a night vision shot, Rob Base(ment) whispers that he has something to talk to Matthew about: he's "privy" to information about "some females with this tribe" who are unhappy with Deena's "leadership role." Okay. Last week with the "in cahoots," and this week with the "privy"? Is he 24 or 240? In a confessional, he tells us, "Every morning I give Matt a debriefing of the wild goose chases I want him to work on for the day just to keep his mind busy so he doesn't really have any chance to figure out what's actually going on." During this statement, we see shots of a wide-eyed Matthew nodding, grinning, and appearing to completely buy everything Rob Base(ment) says. Rob Base(ment) whispers, "This is very highly confidential," as Bond-style music begins playing in the background. Hee. He tells Matt that Deena has been warning the women that Matt is the biggest threat, to which Matt responds that everyone has thought he was the biggest threat since the second day. The music escalates, suggesting that someone with a sense of humor evolved beyond "potty" has infiltrated the Survivor production team. Rob, who is wearing his buff Aunt Jemima-style, explains that he's been "filling Matt's head with a lot of crazy stuff," including that the men are going to ally to vote off all the women, but they need Butch's help to do so. He concludes, "So Matt is off on a bunch of wild goose chases." Matt then tells Rob Base(ment) that he trusts him most of everyone in the tribe, followed by Butch, because he's a "really good guy," but Rob Base(ment) informs him that Butch is on a "need-to-know basis." Their discussion finished, Rob Base(ment) tells Matt that they should return to camp before anyone misses them. As Rob Base(ment) heads off, Matthew says, "You go that way and I'll go…the other way." Hee.

The Bond music funks out with a techno beat as we join the fishing Matt and Butch. Matt suddenly announces, "We're gonna be…we're gonna be a chain." Confused, Butch asks, "A what?" and Matt explains, "A chain. Like a chain link?" In a confessional, he again insists, "It's a chain," and brags that he's Butch's link to what's happening in the game: he'll decide when they speak, and will "initiate all communications," as well as decide how much information Butch gets. To his credit, he doesn't use the word "privy." He proudly concludes, "I'm his lifeline." Back in the fishing boat, Matthew tells Butch that their conversations don't exist and they don't talk about anything. Butch parrots, "We don't talk about anything," and "You initiate all communication." He then tells us in a confessional that it's "like a chain," and then gives some convoluted explanation of a "big four together," and being a link, and broken pieces, and jumping up a spot. Do you think it's like a chain? Because I personally think it can best be described as a chain. But maybe that's just me, thinking it's like a chain. More spy music plays as Matthew silences Butch with, "That's it. No more talk." As if Butch ever really needs silencing.

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