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A Bug in the System

Deena announces that she feels good about the way she played the game, adding that if her name comes up, "it would have come down to a bug." At first I think she means a "bug" as in a quirk in the system, but she means a literal bug, which she claims was "spawned out of the pit of hell." She says the insect is ultimately what separated her and Matt is "swallowing one giant, ugly grub." She seems very defensive here, so I think she might have been tipped to the vote.

Christy smiles as she votes. As we learned during the bug-eating, Christy smiles as she does nearly everything. She holds up Alex's name because he's a "serious threat."

Jenna votes for Deena because she betrayed her. She concludes, "You screwed me, now screw you."

Deena votes for Alex, because he's a mental and physical powerhouse. She says, "You're standing between me and the big prize."

We don't see Matthew's vote, but we do see his sweatiness.

Alex votes for Deena, complaining that she couldn't even keep her word for three days. He says he'd love to go up against her in court because she's the worst liar he's ever met, and I'm not entirely sure how that works against a lawyer in a court of law. (And please don't send me your emails. That's a joke. Sort of.) Alex shakes his head in disbelief as he drops the vote into the urn.

HeiDDi drops her vote into the jar like she thinks there might be a surprise waiting inside.

Peachy is off to tally: votes read, decision final, leave immediately, blah blah. The first and second votes are for Deena, and Rob Base(ment) sneaks a quick glance over at her to see how she's responding. The next two votes are for Alex, but he's not stewing in it for long, as two more votes follow for Deena, and one more for "Denna." In response, Rob Base(ment) puffs out his cheeks and exhales. No one looks at Deena as she rises to have her torch snuffed, and Alex gulps pronouncedly. As she heads off, Peachy announces that they've survived nine Tribal Councils and have lasted twenty-seven days, so they must be doing something right. He says that the next few days will raise one simple question: "How badly do you want it, and what will you or won't you do to get it." By my count, that's actually three questions.

Next time on Survivor, the alliance "flaunts their power," by tanning while Butch thinks it's "ridicoolous." Jenna cries, and then HeiDDi cries too. Yeah! HeiDDi cries!

As the credits roll and we see that she received all the votes except for Christy's, Deena tells us that the other members of the tribe saw her as a threat because she wanted to change the game and vote off the biggest threats. How is that "chang[ing] the game"? Isn't that what they've done every season so far? In any case, she claims that people changed their minds and formed attachments as relationships grew. She mothers, "But remember that you're gonna have to live with the decisions for the rest of your life, so make sure they count." She might have chosen the more appropriate lesson: "Pride goeth before a fall."

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