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A Bug in the System

Peachy welcomes the members of Jackée to the challenge, which he announces will test their proficiency using three weapons indigenous to the Amazon. In the first round, all eight competitors will shoot blow darts. The four tribe members with the highest scores will advance to the second round, during which they will throw spears. This challenge would be so much more entertaining if it actually was a Britney-Spears-throwing contest. Or, for that matter, a broccoli-throwing contest. The top two finishers will move onto the final round -- bows and arrows. Peachy preaches that "one of the things that Brazil is known for is its coffee," and reveals that a "Survivor coffee bar" has been constructed for the winner. He then brings out a cup of coffee and a croissant for them to share, giving it to HeiDDi with the comment, "You take it and figure out what to do with it." Because HeiDDi can't figure out what to do with a cup of coffee and a croissant.

They draw straws to determine their order, and Peachy zealously advises them to "Shoot your blow darts!" Christy goes first, and scores three points by landing in the green zone of the dartboard.

Matthew is next, and takes his time before narrowing his eyes and scoring a perfect bull's-eye, worth ten points.

Peachy narrates that Butch "loses the glasses," as he readies himself to shoot. He scores five points and stares down the dartboard. He's believing in himself! He's believing in himself!

Rob Base(ment), who has really bad posture, heads to take his turn as Peachy announces, "Rob, you look like you're gonna be good at this!" The other members of the tribe alternatively laugh and put their heads in their hands. Rob Base(ment) ties Christy with three points, and plays slappy hands with his lined-up tribe afterwards.

Matthew coaches Alex with, "Nice and slow, dude." Alex scores in the red zone for seven points. Butch congratulates him with a "Good job," but is not entirely convincing in his delivery.

Jenna gets three points as well, and why does no one suck at this?

Cocky Deena is next, and ties Butch with five points. With only HeiDDi left to go, Matt is in first place with ten points, followed by Alex with seven, and Butch and Deena tied with five. Jenna, Christy, and Rob Base(ment) are out of the competition.

As HeiDDi prepares for her turn, Peachy goads her with, "Gonna take five to keep you alive." Evidently, she thinks there's a twenty-pointer hidden away in the underbrush, because that's where her arrow lands after barely taking flight. Peachy further disses her with, "That's not a five." Not satisfied that she's been sufficiently mocked, he adds, "Zippo!" Hee. Even Peachy hates HeiDDi.

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