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A Bug in the System

What's the deal with Holes? I mean, the whole "the book is now the movie" advertising campaign? Maybe they should have led with "the book is now the book" first.

We scan the landscape, including some nearly submerged trees, as Peachy leads Alex and Jenna through the jungle, rounding a corner and announcing, "Let me present to you -- your home for the next several hours…the Amazon Café!" They both suitably exclaim as we see multiple shots of plates piled high with various muffins, cookies, and pastries; about sixteen cups; and a chalkboard menu of coffee drinks. In a confessional, Alex enthuses over the "awesome, cool structure" in the jungle, telling us they "had a blast." They pour iced coffee into glass, and Peachy joins them for a toast celebrating their twenty-five-day survival. We see hands grubbing for a jar of beans, followed by the requisite face-stuffing and groaning shots. Alex giggles over a large donut, while Jenna nibbles at a small one. She toasts his victory, claiming that she couldn't have picked a better person with whom to spend the afternoon. In a confessional, she explains that she really likes Alex and it was nice to spend time with him. She unconvincingly adds, "I was excited because I love to eat," and tells us that she and Alex are "bottomless pits." We pan away to sit them sitting on stools in the café, while Jenna insists that she's "so thankful." Gratitude? Who knew she had it in her?

Back at Jackée, Rob Base(ment) throws out a fishing net and manages to catch a small bush as Deena yells, "Catch something, would you?" before announcing that she's in the mood to do "absolutely frigging-ass nothing!" In a confessional, she tells us that the rewards are good because they often involve food, but they also reveal who's in it to win it. She points out that those same people are "unfortunately" set up in a bad position "a la Alex." She pronounces the "a la" like she's sucking on marbles. The French is really hard! She explains that Alex emerged from the challenge as the dominant competitor, and his strength frightened her. Deena asks Christy, Rob Base(ment), and HeiDDi if it's important for them to advance in the game, and HeiDDi responds, "Totally, with all my heart." Deena questions how well they'll be able to advance with both Matthew and Alex remaining, causing Rob Base(ment) to look uncomfortable with the conversation's direction, and HeiDDi to whisperingly insist, "Matt's not in the picture!" Deena slowtalks that she understands that, and points out the possibility of Matt winning the immunity challenge. HeiDDi sticks her tongue out in response. Next, Deena asks who HeiDDi thinks she has a better chance against in the finals, Alex or Butch, and HeiDDi immediately responds with Butch. Deena concludes that if Matthew wins the next immunity, Alex has to go.

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