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A Bug in the System

We return to the Amazon Café, where Alex serves a cup of cappuccino to Jenna, who asks, "Any special way to drink this?" She's never drank--or seen someone drink, for that matter-- a cappuccino before? She plans to "get amped," and Alex giggles that they're going to be "zinging out of [their] heads." He's very dorky for a thirty-two-year-old man. As they continue their carbo-loading, Alex marvels over how they can just sit together and hang out without worrying about being overheard. Jenna agrees that it's nice to have a conversation "without having to run away." She continues that she never expected to meet such cool people in the game, and Alex adds that their foursome is a lot of fun. Jenna thinks it's "funny" that "us four -- we're like…the bonding crew." Alex mentions Deena, and Jenna quickly jumps in with, "I don't know where Deena's at anymore!" Alex doesn't either, as Jenna continues that although she's known Deena since the first day, she think it might be hard for her because "she doesn't have…the same…like…she's very strict." Alex marvels that Deena is only three years older than he is, and Jenna responds, "But it seems like an eternity," which was much funnier to me the first time I heard it when I thought she said, "But she seems like an attorney." Jenna and Alex complain that Deena is always thinking of another angle or plot in the game.

Back at camp, Deena is doing exactly that. She continues telling Rob Base(ment), HeiDDi, and Christy that they all have a chance against each other, but not against Alex, so their best move is to get rid of the "equal powerhouse." Rob Base(ment) looks amused, and then in a confessional Aunt Jemimas that he has a secret alliance with Deena, and none of the other players are aware that they have been working so closely together. Rob Base(ment) asks Deena if Jenna would have a problem voting out Alex, and Deena quickly responds that Jenna isn't an issue because, she says, "I just need to finesse that." She informs that others that she'll let them know when it's time to deal with Jenna. Rob Base(ment) continues his confessional by telling us it's settled: if Matthew wins immunity, Alex has to go. We see Rob Base(ment) fishing again, as he debates whether he just got a fish or his line got caught or something. The camera pans up to show the line clearly stuck in a tree.

In a confessional, Deena explains that she and Rob Base(ment) are in control of the game. She then clarifies her statement to say that actually she's in control of the game. She brags that she always has a backup plan for her backup plan, but thinking so much makes her head hurt. The camera pans over to a dazed-looking HeiDDi, who mumbles, "This is getting so interesting."

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