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Aiga returns to camp in dramatic slow-motion. Except for Li'l Russell, of course, who swings in a hammock and VOs that he is amazing and the entire reason why things are the way they are right now. I don't care to figure out if that's true or not at this point. I am so done with him. Dave Ball runs over to the Foa Foas talking on the beach to congratulate them on a "good move." He really enjoyed the hell out of that immunity idol play last week, despite the fact that it could have been him going home because of it. Things are less happy in the shelter with the rest of the Galus. Laura is furious at Li'l Russell, "that little snake," as she calls him right in front of Natalie ... does she not see her there or just not care? Openly plotting against someone's alliancemate seems like a bad idea. Laura interviews that they should have known better than to assume that Li'l Russell wouldn't have an immunity idol, which is true. It's also true that Monica did know better and everyone dismissed her. Over in her personal shelter, Shambo is very much enjoying this, talking to Li'l Russell about the look on Laura's face when he played the idol and what she said when Kelly was eliminated. Her version of events differs slightly from what we actually saw, but it is Shambo so that's not a surprise. Li'l Russell and Shambo giggle and cackle, and then Shambo says that no one knew about the immunity idol except for her and Li'l Russell, which also differs slightly from what we actually saw, but whatever. It's the next day in this interview and she is still savoring the moment of triumph against Laura last night, saying that she just wants to find the immunity idol so she can give it to Li'l Russell again. And while I do find her comments entertaining, I have a feeling she actually means them and is now valuing her vendetta against Laura over her life in this game. That's probably a mistake.

The next morning, Li'l Russell is up with the cameramen and ready to find another idol. He searches the area while every one else sleeps because they NEVER LEARN. Li'l Russell says idols are like magnets for him and he's drawn to them, already assuming that the third hidden idol is his. The rest of Foa Foa wake up and do things like tend to the fire or, in Natalie's case, attempt to lasso a fish. The Galus finally wake up and Shambo is ready to go with the anti-Laura campaign in interviews, followed by a clumsy pro-John campaign as she heads for the well with him and tells us that she's hoping to get him on her and Foa Foa's side, thus giving them a 6-4 advantage over Galu at the next vote. She tells him that Galu is over and lets him in on her need to take Laura out of the game ASAP, news that, by the way, doesn't do John any favors since he's in an alliance with Laura. What's to stop him from running back to Galu and telling them what's going on with Foa Foa and Shambo if they didn't know already? She asks him if he'll vote against Laura if she doesn't win immunity. He won't commit, but promises not to tell anyone about their conversation. He interviews that he thinks he's the only person on Galu who knows that Shambo is on Foa Foa's side, as if they couldn't have all guessed. Nothing Shambo does is subtle. I mean, look at her hair. Come on. He says he needs to do "what's right" for him. Whereas Shambo just wants to do what gets Laura out of the game.

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