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And then after the break, there's another VO from Li'l Russell as he explains to us that a reward challenge was won, who won it, and what their prize is. The contestants take pictures of themselves with the stupid phone because that's what the Product Placement company paid for, and then they arrive at the island and the picnic. There are hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pies! Natalie thanks the Galu members for "allowing" her and Li'l Russell to come on their first reward, as if she and Li'l Russell had nothing to do with it.

Back at Aiga, the mad dash for the hidden immunity idol begins! Oh wait -- it doesn't. Jaison, Mick, and Monica lie around in the shelter instead, with Jaison trying to convince Monica to vote with Foa Foa and their secret Galu member in return for a guaranteed Final 6 spot or whatever. Monica manages to remain noncommittal while getting more information from Mick and Jaison about their secret fifth member. Monica immediately interviews that she's pretty sure it's Shambo. Then she rather cleverly says she'll agree to be their sixth vote if they agree to target John. "We can absolutely do that," Mick says, not looking at her.

And back at the reward challenge, Li'l Russell discovers the real reason for the stupid Product Placement phone -- one of the photos on it is a clue to the hidden idol. For some reason, he shares that with everyone, which makes me think that he was not the person who discovered that clue in the first place because if he was, he would have erased the picture and not told anyone else about it. Brett reads the clue out loud, which basically says it can be found under a moss-covered stone. And just in case that wasn't enough of a hint for you, there's also A FREAKING VIDEO that shows them exactly what the stone looks like (square), because it's important to make it as easy as possible for Li'l Russell to find another stupid idol.

The reward team arrives back at camp. While Monica hugs her Galu members hello and gushes annoyingly, Li'l Russell runs right over to Mick and Jaison and quietly tells them about the idol clue. They head out to look, which Dave Ball notices, saying "they're already moving." Well, yeah. It's an IMMUNITY IDOL. Damn straight they're looking for it. Why aren't you? Dave Ball and Laura set off to follow them to make sure the idol doesn't fall into Li'l Russell's hands. Where are the rest of Galu? Why are they not helping in this effort? Idiots! While Jaison looks for the idol under a tiny circular rock with no moss on it, Dave Ball wisely chooses to follow Li'l Russell. Laura follows Jaison, taunting him about looking for the idol. And then, what do you know? Li'l Russell comes across a big, moss-covered rock wall, just full of square-shaped rocks! HMMM! DO YOU THINK THE IDOL JUST MIGHT BE THERE? Way to hide it near yet another landmark, idol-hiding crew of morons! Li'l Russell thinks he sees the correct rock but has Dave Ball following him around, so he runs off with Dave Ball in hot pursuit, until, suddenly, he is not in hot pursuit at all, as he manages to lose Li'l Russell in the woods. I'm sure the fact that a camera crew is not following Li'l Russell right now helped, too. But still -- that is pretty inexcusable on Dave Ball's part. Li'l Russell doubles back to the rock wall and, sure enough, finds the idol. Even though it wasn't simply hidden underneath the rock like the video suggested, but behind a rock at the bottom of the wall. What's weird is that Li'l Russell didn't even hesitate when he saw that the idol wasn't underneath the rock -- just looked in the hole behind it until he pulled out the idol he seemed to know would be there. "This is getting way too easy," he says. He's right. That was too easy. It's not even fun anymore.

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