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Probst asks Shambo if Galu is a tight unit. "Negative," she immediately replies as Erik celebrates. She continues that Galu was broken when they voted Erik out. Laura is sitting behind her as she says this and shooting her the most disgusted look of all time, which Probst picks up on. Laura says that her Galu is tight as a drum and she doesn't know what Shambo is talking about. Um, Laura? Telling a member of the tribe you say is super-tight that you don't know what she's talking about would suggest that said tribe is not very tight at all. Probst points that out, doing some quick math to say that if Shambo isn't part of Galu, then the vote tonight could be a tie. Laura says she's aware of that, and Probst asks her if she's okay with eight people being forced to pick a rock while the two people the tie came down to are safe. Of course Laura is, since she knows that she's one of the two people who will be safe. Probst asks Dave Ball if he's okay with a tie, and Dave Ball says he is. "You gotta be willing to make big moves in this game if you're willing to win," Dave Ball says, somehow thinking that picking a rock out of a bag is a big move while switching your allegiance to Foa Foa is not.

With that, they vote. Shambo votes for Laura, of course, calling her a "viperous poison" or whatever. I'm pretty sick of Shambo's Laura-hate. Forming a popular people club and leaving someone like Shambo out of it makes you a bitch, but it doesn't make you a "viperous poison," whatever that is. I'm guessing she meant to say "poisonous viper," but being Shambo, she can't even get her last words to Laura right, despite no doubt practicing them in her head for the past nine days. Probst comes back with the urn and asks if anyone wants to play his immunity idol. Li'l Russell does not. And with that, Probst reads the votes off until we get five for Natalie and five for Laura. A tie! "Man this is good shit," Erik mutters to Kelly. Shhh, Erik! Jury members are not allowed to editorialize unless it's Eliza.

They vote again. This time everyone except Natalie and Laura is voting and they can only vote for Natalie or Laura. And the first person to vote -- Brett -- has to carry the urn back to the voting hut himself. Dave Ball votes for Natalie again, confidently saying he's ready to leave this up to chance rock-picking. Because he seems to think that's the only possible outcome right now. Thinking like that is why his alliance went from an 8-4 majority to this. John casts the final (unseen) vote and Probst returns with the urn for a second time. You know he's not pleased about having to walk two times in one night. This show is working him to the bone. Probst reads off the first seven votes, and it's four for Laura and three for Natalie. Which means Laura is thinking right now that either she's definitely safe or totally screwed. Suspenseful music plays as Probst slowly reaches for the final vote. And it is for Laura, who is shocked. As are Monica and Dave Ball. Natalie's grin is just adorable, by the way. Shambo manages to keep herself seated and not jump up and down and cheer at Laura's exit. Erik has slightly less success with this, as he smiles and whispers "so good." Oh, and there's Shambo's shit-eating grin and laugh at Laura's expense. I knew she couldn't keep it in. Dave Ball looks around for the Galu traitor. There's John, sitting by himself and looking fairly satisfied with the outcome. Probst says something stupid about tribes while Erik sums things up nicely: "and there goes the lead."

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