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Battle of the Lauras

Candice and John both talk about how hard it is for her to leave. She's leaving John, and he still feels guilty that he didn't switch with her in the first place. She says goodbye to John and then tells everyone else to have fun and wishes them luck. It's like all of the bitterness drained out of her when she realized that she was going home. I'm sorry to see her go. At least she was interesting, unlike say, Ciera and Katie. Or Laura M. Or Laura B. Or Hayden.

John gets a clue and again gives it to Monica. I guess he knew she would burn it, so giving it to her meant no one else would have a chance at the Idol. Anyway, she takes it, Brad tells her to throw it in the fire, and she repeats him kind of robotically. I guess the charitable assessment is that she was already going to do that, so she's just agreeing with him. If you're feeling charitable. Monica throws the clue in the fire and both tribes head back to their camps.

Back at Galang, the tribe assures Monica that Brad is doing fine, and Tina adds that he'll probably be back in the game soon. Monica tells them that it's all a game, and if one of them is there, they are both there, because they are the same person. Probably not what you want to tell your alliance.

Tina interviews that Brad and Monica are a very tight couple, which is a threat. Later, Monica and Tina go to get water and Monica says that even though she and Brad are a couple, it shouldn't affect their alliance. Monica might want to get more specific there: "I will never vote against our alliance even if that's what Brad wants" or whatever. Tina interviews that with Brad halfway out of the game, Monica is stepping up her gameplay and Tina doesn't fully trust her. Monica tells Tina that they'll keep their five strong to the merge and then reassess based on who still has loved ones in the game. Tina adds that Brad isn't just "a dumb jock, he's a lawyer too." First of all, I've met some smart lawyers and some dumb lawyers, and second of all, smart doesn't necessarily mean good at this game.

Over at Tadhana, it's time for the annual reckoning of the body, with nice close-up shots of everyone's bugbites, cuts, cuts with flies in them, and the like. It is gross. And then there are Katie's feet. She has gotten a rash from wearing wet shoes all of the time, and it's caused her feet to become red and inflamed. And her toenails are falling off. Now I've had a toenail fall off; I dropped a double jogging stroller on my toe while getting it out of my van (workmom's comp), and it caused my big toenail to turn black and then grow out half black and finally it fell off. It was maybe the grosses thing that's ever happened to me besides childbirth. Toenails aren't supposed to just pop off, and yet that's what's happening to Katie. So they're beaten physically and emotionally right now. Vytas is especially grossed out, but he's also trying to figure out how to deal with their current standing in the game, and make sure that he's not getting voted off any time soon.

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