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Battle of the Lauras

Vytas and Caleb are fishing. Or more like "fishing" I guess since it looks like they're just napping in the boat. In my experience, that's a lot of what fishing is all about. They're also chatting about Ciera, and how she is awesome. Vytas interviews that Caleb has to be treated like a loose cannon now, since he's shown that he'll change his mind on a dime, so Vytas is trying to stay on his good side. The way Vytas chooses to do that is to talk about how crazy it is that they have connected and then compliment Caleb's skin. Oh, Vytas. You are so transparent. Are you going to offer him a massage next? Or ask if he wants to cuddle up with you in the shelter for sleeping? Caleb interviews that he feels powerful, and it's good to be the swing vote. It's kind of not. It just paints a big target on your back.

Later, Vytas does yoga on a hilltop while we hear him explain how much more peaceful their tribe is without Brad's noise and bluster. Then all five remaining tribe members are sitting up high, looking out over the ocean, talking about the upcoming Immunity Challenge. Vytas tells them that they have to just want it more than the other tribe, and they can do it. Nice pep talk, dude. Ciera interviews that if they lose, she thinks she'll be going home next, so winning would be perfect time both for her and the whole tribe. Well, now they're obviously going to win.

Immunity Challenge! Probst explains that they will go in pairs down a giant (maybe three-story high?) slide and grab a ring at the bottom. They will then try to toss the ring on a peg, and whoever does it first wins a point. The first team to five points win immunity and a steak dinner or fishing gear. Galang sits out Monica and the two Lauras. Monica and Laura M. both mutter that they hate sitting out.

The individual pairings are not that important. It's a fun challenge to watch, mostly because of the giant slide. Tadhana wins the first one, and soon has a 3-1 lead, which then becomes 4-2. And then Hayden wins their final point, and Tadhana wins Immunity for the first time. They choose the steaks for their reward instead of the fishing supplies. I don't know if they just wanted it more or if they figured the merge is happening soon or what, but that seems like a short-sighted decision.

Once Galang returns to camp, Laura B. starts panicking because she's never been to Tribal Council before and she's FREAKING OUT. And she's one of those people who can't stop talking when she's nervous, which is only going to make people want to vote her out more. Later, Tyson cracks a coconut for Tina and Kat and Laura B. sidles up and tries to start shit. But she is TERRIBLE AT IT. Like her opening gambit is, "Your sweet friends were kind of bitching about you during the challenge." What? Is that even English? Who talks like that? She should have walked up and been like, "Did Monica talk to you about the challenge? No? Oh, I figured she would. Oh, no big deal. I probably shouldn't say anything. Well, I guess she was upset that she didn't get to do the challenge, at least that's what she told me. I don't know what that was all about. I mean, I thought you did a great job, Kat. Better than I would've done, you know? Anyway, she said she was going to talk to you about it, so I thought she would have already. Maybe she changed her mind." You know, something like that.

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