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Battle of the Lauras

Instead, Laura B. is just super awkward and tries to bond with Kat over how catty (heh) other women can be. She practically says, "Bitches, man. You know how they do." That would actually be less awkward. Instead, Tina, Kat, and Tyson are left staring at one another, wondering what just happened. Kat humors her because what else are you going to do. And then after everyone else walks away, Laura B. can't stop overselling her lame attempt at fomenting dissent. She glances over her shoulder and says, "Just thought I'd throw that out there. Heh heh. Oh, women." She is terrible at this game. Tyson interviews that they have their alliance of five with him, Gervase, Tina, Monica, and Aras. Kat thinks she's part of the alliance but she's not. The two Lauras don't even know the alliance exists. So their plan tonight is to vote out someone annoying. Well, that seems like a clear choice.

Laura M. and Aras go fishing and discuss the vote. Aras says that everyone seems on board with voting out Laura B., and Laura M. is also totally on board, because she trusts Aras the most of anyone there. Aras interviews that it would be easy to vote out Laura B. but easy votes are often the dumbest votes in this game.

Aras and Tyson have a strategy sesh in the hammock. I think someone French braided Tyson's hair. I wonder if it was Aras. Anyway, they discuss how it would be easy to vote out Laura B., but Aras has an alternate theory. He says they could vote out Laura M., who is good at challenges, especially those with puzzles, and she could knock out Brad. And then they don't have to worry about Monica ditching their alliance to cook something up with Brad. That's not a bad theory, but you're also getting rid of someone on your tribe who is good at puzzles. That said, Laura B. has been a strong contributor, especially in swimming challenges, so she would be a loss as well. Honestly, Kat and Tina have both been useless in challenges.

Tyson and Aras tell Monica that they're voting out Laura M. So those two are making unilateral decisions for their tribe now? Monica is worried, because she knows that Laura M. could knock Brad out, while she doesn't think Laura B. would. Later, Monica tells Tyson and Aras that she'd rather vote out Laura B. and they agree that it's an option. Aras interviews that he really wants to vote out Laura M. but he knows it's not solely his decision to make, and he also doesn't want to put a target on himself by appearing to control the voting. Aras is playing smart. Also, I am happy to hear that they will probably vote out one Laura, because I'm tired of differentiating.

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