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Back at Camp Forza, Debbie admires Tyson's immunity necklace. He lets her wear it, then interviews that once again, that he kicked ass. He offers his phone number to any women who ask for it. That's one line I won't be in. I'd rather date a guy who was nice and not creepy than a guy who runs around naked for no reason and is good at clinging onto a pole. It starts to rain, and Stephen interviews that as time went by and Joe still hadn't returned from the challenge, everyone started to figure out that something was really wrong. "I hope Joe's okay," Erinn says, shitting herself. Stephen says that he's hoping that the alliance with Tyson, Douche, and Debbie is genuine and Brendan will be going home tonight, but he's not sure how much he can really trust them. Everyone huddles under an umbrella to escape the rain and talk about the challenge, except for J.T. and Stephen, who walk away conspicuously. With them gone, only the Tempura people remain (apparently Taj is off doing an interview or snoozing in the hut), so they start to talk about who should go tonight. Tyson wonders if they should target J.T. instead of Joe. Erinn, of course, rallies for J.T. Tyson agrees to that. Tyson interviews that he has no intention of voting J.T. out and was just lying, which brings him pleasure. He says he's never liked Sierra, who is only on this show to "give hope to stupid people around the world." Well, why are you on this show, Tyson? To give hope to quirky Mormon professional cyclists with sociopathic tendencies? In an effort to be funny, Tyson then blathers on about how Brendan has felt Tyson's warm breath on his neck and back, but that's only because he's keeping his enemies closer than his friends. Tyson must have been so mad when Jon Heder came along and stole his thunder.

Stephen and J.T. talk. Stephen has told J.T. about the Exile alliance, and says he's willing to go with Douche, Tyson, and Debbie now if J.T. promises to turn on the other three when the time comes. He can turn on them all he wants, but it won't change the fact that there are three of them and only two of J.T. and Stephen. Tyson walks up and talks to them about beans for dinner before the whispers start. They've got five people in their alliance, so they need one more to assure they've got the majority. Tyson thinks he'll be able to convince Erinn to vote with them. He walks off, and Stephen just looks at Tyson and says "what a mess."

Stephen and J.T. come back, and Brendan says something about how they're all done with their "awkward conversations," in that smug way that says Brendan absolutely believes that there's no way someone from Jalapeño isn't going home tonight. J.T. proposes a fishing expedition before Tribal and heads out to do that. Brendan suddenly interviews that he's aware that he could be in trouble with his old tribe if they sense that something is going on with Taj, Stephen, him and Sierra, but since there is nothing going on between them since he's too stupid to even give Taj a wink that she's safe, that's probably not a problem. Even so, Brendan says he has the immunity idol and he'll play it tonight if he thinks he has to. Except that's what they all say, and then no one ever actually plays it before he's voted out.

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