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LOL x2, as we see that Joe's injury has forced Probst to come out to Camp Tempura in the rain. He doesn't have his hat on! All his hair dye is going to run! Everyone "uh ohs" at the sight of Probst, as well they should. Although I guess these "uh ohs" are because if Probst is coming to camp, then Joe must be out of the game. Taj greets Probst with applause for coming out here without an umbrella. Because rich people know what a sacrifice that is. "You're not Joe," Erinn says, shitting herself. Even though it's incredibly obvious what's going to happen next, when Probst says that Joe cannot continue in the game, Stephen is still shocked. Probst continues that Joe is being helicoptered away to a hospital, etc., etc. And what that means for Forza is no Tribal Council tonight. Taj immediately breaks out into cheers because she never liked Joe anyway. "Good news, bad news!" Probst shrugs. Taj then remembers to be polite and asks Probst to tell Joe that they love him. Well, that was anti-climatic. I mean, I guess I'm happy that Brendan won't go home tonight, although I'm not sure how much I really like him since he's ignoring Taj and being kind of dumb and complacent.

Tyson interviews that he's not happy about this development, since a big part of the plan's success hinged on everyone keeping quiet, and that's not going to be easy with an extra three days. J.T. interviews that his trust in his new alliance is now so air-tight that he's looking forward to the next Tribal Council. Douche then interviews that "The Dragon Slayer has to wait another day to taste blood." Not if you eat your own arm off, you don't! Think about it.

We get to see Joe one more time, even though I'd already forgotten he existed. So boring. The helicopter lands and he's made to limp over to it on his deadly leg infection that was so bad he couldn't even stay in this game another day or even say good-bye to his tribemates. He says the game is "cool" but not cool enough to lose a leg or die. A boring episode with a boring non-elimination of a boring contestant.

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