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With that, Erinn says they need to figure out a new tribe name. Stephen suggest something in Portuguese that means "the will to overcome," but because it sounds kind of stupid, it's actually turned down. Which is amazing considering how tribes usually pick the stupidest name they can possibly think of on this show. Like Nobag. Or Dabu. Not to worry, as Douche knows some Portuguese of his own and proposes "Forza," which the editors make sure to show him saying means "strength" in Portuguese. Guess what? It doesn't. "Força" is "strength" in Portuguese. "Forza" is "strength" in Italian. Portuguese =/= Italian. Douche fails. Debbie obviously hates the name, but Joe is all for it simply because it's easier to say than Jalapeño. And we all know Taj loves the name, since it starts with the letter F. With the name apparently chosen, Sierra decides to be a moron and ask her new tribemates why they voted Spencer and Sydney out, saying those votes "shocked" everyone. Not as much as I'd bet seeing Tempura vote the black people out first and second shocked Taj. After awkward silence, Joe just says "good." Not getting the hint, Sierra persists, asking if it was a random decision or if there was an alliance. Stephen deflects nicely by asking Sierra how Tempura made their decisions. He then interviews that he knows the value of being discrete about things like that with the other tribe. With that, he butters Tempura up by calling them all great competitors and saying his tribe "appreciates" how well they've done against them in challenges. J.T. reminds us that as the minority in the new tribe, the old members of Jalapeño are "sitting ducks." Then he asks about the "fishin' holes" around their new camp. Taj tries to suppress a squeal of delight at another F-word, while Debbie is thrilled that they're finally going to get a tribemate who can catch fish. Until Douche burns the food to an inedible crisp. J.T. says his plan going into the merged tribe is to look for power struggles within Tempura and try to exploit them to his and his old tribes' advantage.

The new tribe goes to the old Tempura camp, where J.T. immediately remarks upon the amount of pots there are waiting for them. The Tempura members, meanwhile, are very happy to see all those comfort items. Taj takes a seat in the rope swing, although I can't tell if it's the one Douche built or the one Brendan made. I'm hoping it's Brendan's. We just can't stop hearing from J.T., who interviews that he was not impressed with Tempura's shelter, which he calls a "dollhouse." It's the best Sierra could do all by herself, J.T. Don't you judge. The men of the new tribe immediately decide to rebuild the shelter, while the women sit around fanning themselves. Debbie suggests giving the new people tour of the place, and Joe limps up to join in. Stephen looks pensive, then interviews that the people of Tempura are pretty much in control here, and his tribe is dependent on their "good graces." More like you're dependant on looking like the weakest member of the tribe so you'll be the last to be voted out.

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