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Then Brendan interviews that the secret alliance is still intact, but they're just laying low for now. They sure are! And when it's so low that half of your alliance doesn't think it exists anymore, you might want to lay a little bit higher. Brendan wants to vote Joe and J.T. out to gain the majority before the alliance strikes, which is stupid because Joe and J.T. are both members of Jalapeño, so Taj and Stephen aren't going to be exactly thrilled about that or really trust Brendan to keep them around. Once Joe and J.T. are gone, Brendan says, the Exile Alliance will take charge "if need be." So, obviously, he's only seeing this alliance as a back-up plan, while the other half is seeing it as their only chance in the game. And he isn't communicating with them at all. Not smart, Brendan. Cue the shots of symbolic snakes.

Tyson talks to Debbie. He says J.T. is an honest straight-shooter and the new alliance is them, Douche, J.T. and Stephen. Debbie's fine with that because she must know that it's ridiculous that she's even still in this game. Brendan walks up, and Tyson asks if they're taking Joe out tonight. Brendan says yes. Debbie agrees. With that, Tyson and Debbie pretend to go hunting for more firewood. Tyson interviews that he totally pulled the wool over Brendan's eyes and he's proud of it, especially since Brendan is supposed to be all good at business and stuff. "I can mold this game however I want right now," Tyson says. Ugh.

Joe and Erinn go off to scheme. Joe says he found the immunity idol back at his camp, and Erinn apparently didn't even bother to look for hers yet, as that's what they're doing now. They walk up to treemail, and Joe looks up its asshole to find nothing. Way to be less smart than Taj and not even bother to fake one, Brendan. Is he even playing this game anymore? Does he really think the rest of the tribe is that stupid and that loathe to plot behind his back that they haven't even considered that he has the idol and getting rid of him because of that? Moron! Erinn interviews that it was obvious that something used to be in the "pocket" of the treemail, and since it's gone now, either Brendan or Sierra must have it. Erinn's solution is to vote them both out, as she, too, is completely clueless about the fact that her old tribe hates her and wants her out as soon as possible as well. "Then we can actually play the game for real," she says. Funny how she didn't think playing with an immunity idol was fake before she realized that she didn't have access to one.

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