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Immunity challenge time! The tribe arrives, and Probst looks to J.T. to tell him the name of the new tribe because Probst loves J.T. Once Probst gets a lesson in fake Portuguese, he takes the immunity idol back and reveals the new immunity necklace. It's much less stupid than in previous seasons. With all those feathers around it, it's almost pretty. Probst calls it "bea-yoo-tiful," which is taking things a little far, and Sierra smiles as if she'll ever win it. Probst explains today's challenge: there are ten square poles with notches cut in them. Each player must wrap himself around the pole and hold on for as long as possible. Last man or woman left on the pole wins. Yes, it's another one of those ten-second "endurance" challenges.

The players wrap themselves around their poles and we begin. Stephen has problems early on, and tells Probst he has a lot of limbs to concentrate on. "More than the rest of us?" someone (I think it was Erinn) asks. Heh. Joe then has problems of his own, and J.T. tells him to hold on because it's either him or J.T. going home tonight. That doesn't stop Joe's feet from slipping. Stephen soon finds himself sliding down his pole, probably getting splinters in all kinds of fun places before he hits the ground. Poor showing, Stephen. I'm especially vexed because this means Douche will not be the first person out of the game, and I was so looking forward to some spectacular individual challenge failures from him. Joe falls soon after, having never gotten a good foothold. He does a Douche anger scream on his way to the bench, although that might just be the agony of his leg and the scraping he took from the pole on the way down more than the agony of defeat. Probst gets a chance to look at Joe's leg wound and says, "Wow. What is going on with that?" Joe says it's infected, and we see the bugs are still partying it up on his leg. Probst says it looks gross and turns back to the challenge, where Taj and Brendan are both starting to slip. "I hate this challenge," Brendan mutters. Well, at least he's talking in proximity to Taj if not actually talking to her.

Probst sadly reports that J.T. is now having trouble. I can't tell you guys how sad I am that Douche didn't suck out big time in his first individual challenge. Sierra and Debbie, meanwhile, are doing well. This is obviously a challenge geared towards the women. As Taj makes all kinds of silly noises in her effort not to fall, Brendan slips down his pole, much to Douche's delight. Taj and Erinn drop off before Brendan can even sit down. Of the five people left in the game, only one is from Jalapeño. Shameful!

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