The End Of Innocence

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We're now at Maraanu on Day 14. Kathy, Gina, and Neleh check the mail; Kathy coos, because it's "so simple." The clue is written on a long strip of paper, and it's about getting attention and keeping the tribe alive. Basically, they are advised to build a distress signal (with the artful condition of "except no fire you can blaze"), and the tribe that hears a ship's horn will be the victors. Kathy exclaims, "Yes, we can do this!" and doesn't, for once, say something like, "Good thing my signal-building skills are so good." Neleh tells us in a confessional that they're really excited and plan to make their camp as colorful and creative as possible to win immunity. As they walk back, they brainstorm; Kathy thinks a red triangle signals distress, but Gina corrects her that it's a black triangle. Neleh, meanwhile, thinks that rhythmic dancing will catch the judge's attention. Gina suggests that they use a red sheet with black ash smeared on it and Kathy points in agreement. Kathy accepts suggestions and corrections surprisingly well, if they come from Gina. In a confessional, Gina jokingly thanks Rotwo for all of the new supplies, which will certainly come in handy during the challenge. The happy la la la la la la music plays as the tribe works. Paschal opens something that I think at first is a bunch of diapers, but turn out to be the foam inserts from the life vests. Neleh puts one around her neck and cracks up over it. Because that's what half-wits do. In a confessional, Gina tells us that she wants to win for two reasons: to avoid Tribal Council, and also to send the other team there, where she hopes they will vote off a former member of Maraamu. As the tribe works on their signal, the camera pulls away and we hear them yelling, "Goodbye, Sean!" "Goodbye, Rob!" "Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!" Hee.

By now, the members of Rotwo have also retrieved their clue; they seem to be stuck on the fact that they cannot use fire in the signal. They also realize that they don't get to pick who sits out; by the rules of the game, the four who will compete must be the four who didn't compete in the reward challenge: Rob, Vecepia, Sean, and Zoe. Tammy tells the tribe that they should definitely plan on using their magnifying glass, and John gives her the hand and says, "Hey? Did you help yesterday? You can't -- you, you are not involved at all." Harsh. Tammy can't believe she isn't even allowed to talk. Sean actually puts forth a good idea -- that the tribe collect and lay out all the materials they plan to use. Robert explains in a confessional that Maraanu might have really won two challenges by winning the raid, because they stripped Rotwo of the materials they would otherwise have used -- especially the white blankets. Vecepia, too, laments the loss of the white blankets and it's a good thing she said that and not someone else because I'd hate to hear what Sean would have to say about it. Zoe tells the others to think about what they have, and not worry about what the others have. I'd like to hear more from Zoe, but she's clearly reasonable, likable, and normal, and thus not worth the wasted footage. She suggests building a structure, and Rob says that they should use orange on a white background. The rest of the tribe thinks a black background would be better. Robert worries in a confessional that the people competing for Rotwo are not "the most creative that [they] have in the group." A gong sound accompanies footage of Rob stretching. Because stretching is not creative. John and Robert look on in dismay as their teammates work; then Robert says that their "immunity fate" lies in the hands of three ex-Maraanus, and Zoe. He has full confidence in Zoe, though, because she's "been a seafaring woman her whole life." He explains that Rob and Sean have sat out both challenges so far, and that this is the first time they're competing; a lot is riding on their being victorious.

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