The End Of Innocence

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The tribe arrives at Jabba the Tribal Council Hut. Peachy tells the old Maraamus to remain seated while the others light up, because the former Maraamus already have "personalized torches" from their prior trips. Peachy welcomes Rotwo as a tribe and says they've had a "pretty interesting first fifteen days." He points out their original winning streak, and then quickly turns to the tribe's recent losses. Peachy wants to know what their mood is, and Tammy says that they're still upbeat as a tribe, and that they had to lose some time. She remains optimistic, though. Peachy asks Zoe who among the tribe is "the jester," and Zoe says that "just a little giggle" from The Moppet turns her frown upside down. The Moppet grins, because that's what moppets do. Peachy asks whether The Moppet trusts the members of his tribe; The Moppet answers, "Is trust the biggest member of our tribe? No." Which is an oddball answer which I guess should not be that unusual coming from...well, an oddball. He explains that they are there to play the game and win a million dollars, and that trust is fleeting because there can only be one winner. Peachy wants to know whether the tribe has a leader, and John says that of everyone, he's stepped up. Sean borrows Neleh's bug eyes to express amazement and disbelief. John says he wouldn't call himself a leader "like most people would think," but that he has definite leadership qualities. Peachy wants to know whether it's good to be a leader, and John thinks that "coming out of the shadows and into the light" puts him at risk. Peachy asks how confident John is about not going home tonight, and John cackles that that's "an evil question." John honestly feels pretty confident that he's staying, but adds that he knows anything is possible. Finally, Peachy asks what Rob's voting criterion is, and Rob says he'll vote in his own best interest. Peachy questions whether it is indeed an individual vote, and Rob answers, "All votes, when it comes down to it, are individual votes." He says that, ultimately, people are only looking out for themselves at Tribal Council, making for one sensible statement apiece, in this episode, from Rob and Sean, shattering my entire belief system.

So on with the voting. John votes for The Moppet because he proved himself untrustworthy; John says that the game is too far along to be "wishy-washy." As Rob shuffles up to the voting urn, I realize he would have been perfectly cast as Joey's mugger in the recent "special" episode of Dawson's Creek. Tammy also votes for The Moppet, saying, "You're not here to play the game. You don't care about the money. And I'm here to play the game. And I care about the money." That's all we see, which is unusual. At the least, we'd usually see the ejectee's vote to throw us off his track.

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