The End Of Innocence

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Where's the Love?

Oh, I never noticed that the voting urn has cute little feet. How very Kate Spade of it. Peachy reads The Moppet's name, and The Moppet winces pronouncedly. After hearing his name a second time, The Moppet winks. Third time? He looks pissed off. Fourth time? Mischievous and smiley. He may or may not be trying to make a different face every time his name is called. In any case, the fifth vote means it's Moppet no more. Rob grins as The Moppet turns in his torch. It looks like The Moppet tries to tell Peachy how and when to extinguish his torch, which wouldn't be that unlikely. He exits without feeling himself up, and then Peachy snits to the remaining Rotwos that they just voted out a strong, spirited, hard worker. He wonders aloud how it will play out, and then sends them home.

Next week on Survivor, Rob wants to know if it looks like he has the word "stupid" written on his forehead. He should just look in a mirror.

As the credits roll, we see that everyone voted for The Moppet, except The Moppet himself, who voted for Rob. He tells the tribe that he misses them already, and that Survivor was a fantastic experience. He thinks his exit is "perfect timing," because he came to "experience" the game, not "play" it. Oh, Moppet: noble, true to his principles, and stupid as all get-out.

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