The End Of Innocence

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Where's the Love?

Are there dogs frolicking on this island? I think I saw a few.

Peaceful music brings us to Maraanu. Because its members may to varying degrees be scrawny and old (and in the case of one tribe member, quite possibly half-witted), but they have heart. They also have religion, and we join them as they pray. Gina tells us that the vibe after Sarah's exit was very good; she thinks the other members of Maraanu wanted Sarah gone as much as she did. She explains that they all bonded and knew their team was complete at that point. The tribe sits together and Neleh comments that it's nice and peaceful at Maraanu camp. It reminds Paschal of living in a "little ole country town." Kathy finds that hysterically funny for some reason. Oh yeah, she has no sense of humor. In a confessional, Neleh bugs her eyes out and says that they all have an energy and spirit that drives them to want to win. Gina, meanwhile, has a feeling that they'll be victorious in the next challenge.

Paschal tells Kathy that, during the night, he kept hearing noises and thought it was crabs eating the tribe's basket. He seems a bit disturbed by this. It's not like they were teenage crabs and grinding, though, so I don't know why he's so bothered. Gina tells us that Kathy and Paschal were going to go get crabs ["hee hee hee" -- Wing Chun], and so she and Neleh offered to join them; she says it was their first act as a tribe that meant something. They creep very slowly through the woods as Kathy explains in a voice-over that they were under some acacia trees when "all of a sudden, these dudes -- these androids" appeared. She says they were just going back and forth, and imitates them. Either that, or a typewriter. She tells us that the crabs were very easy to catch, and this is followed by sped-up footage of the last few moments of the crabs' lives. Defensive, preyed-upon scuttling crabs are not nearly so entertaining as frolicking crabs going about their daily business. Gina thinks it's "hilarious" that the crabs think they're hiding from their attackers. A crab pinches Kathy, who miraculously does not pick it up and pinch it back. The four Maraanus chase and bag crabs; Kathy tells us they got a total of twelve, and that "the crabs then came back to camp." The advent of the crabs to camp sounds very ominous, but then nothing much happens. I was expecting a major crab revolt once they hit Maraanu, but all I got was one measly crab momentarily escaping from Kathy. Neleh dumps the crabs into boiling water as Kathy explains in a voice-over that they cooked the crabs, but it unfortunately takes a lot of effort to get the meat out. Unless you're born and bred in Maryland, in which case you can pick a crab faster than you can say "down'ee ocean, hon." Still, Kathy explains that the reward of "fresh, lumpy crab meat" is huge. A close-up of a big hunk of crab meat looks appetizing, but a pile of picked-at crab carcasses...not so much. Kathy tells us they were "pickin' away" at everything that was edible, and we see a huge plate full of crab meat. Kathy explains they ate huge spoonfuls of the crab meat and weren't "dainty at all." And if you've ever eaten crabs, "dainty" is not the word you'd use, even under the most civilized conditions. Gina says, "You couldn't ask for anything better," but Neleh thinks maybe some crackers would be nice. It's slightly sickening to see a happy Neleh; but then, a sad Neleh is kind of sickening too. Neleh's just a little bit off. In any case, they all comment on how delicious the crab is, and Kathy posits that it's a "morale booster." Not for the other crabs on the island, I'll bet. In a confessional, Gina says they all have the winning spirit, adding, "It's our time." Paschal promises us that they'll win today. If not, he'll dress up like a pilgrim and run up and down the beach waving a flag. Oh, wait -- he'll do that anyway.

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