The End Of Innocence

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Where's the Love?
The challenges!
We never know the next day who we [sic] gonna be
Cause we're Rotwo
And we can do
So let's have a rap
Let's have some little...

Now The Moppet's added fly hand motions and thuggish expressions, and luckily a voice-over from John spares us the rest of the song. John tells us he's noticed The Moppet spending "lots and lots of time" with the new members of the tribe. He tells us that The Moppet had said in an earlier conversation that he would vote the newest members out first so that Rotu could return to being "one happy family." John wants to confirm that The Moppet plans to keep his word; if he does, then John is fine with keeping The Moppet around.

Now John, The Moppet, and Tammy discuss The Moppet's voting intentions. John asks whether The Moppet will vote off former Maraamus first, and The Moppet grabs his package as he responds that he never said that. He adds, "I'm not here for anything that I can't show to everybody." And who knows what that means. He did just show everybody that he likes to grab his package. John asks, "So your goal isn't to put the eight back together again?" and The Moppet insists that he'll deal with voting people off as it comes; he refuses to definitively say for whom he will or will not vote. This conversation was either completely nonsensical and these two just happen to be on the same bizarre wavelength, or else it's been poorly edited. John doesn't care what The Moppet says to John's face, because, he claims, "You're gonna play your own game." The Moppet argues that he's not playing his own game, and John snits, "But I think you are." The Moppet says, "No, I'm not," and John says, "Yes, you are," and The Moppet says, "No, I'm not," and John says, "Yes, you are," and The Moppet says, "No, I'm not," and John says, "Yes, you are," and The Moppet says, "Yes, I am," and John says, "No, you're not....Darn it!" In a confessional, John tells us that after this conversation, he thought of The Moppet, "No, you're done. You're not safe anymore." The Moppet tries to save his ass by insisting that the situation has been "misconstrued," and that he does plan to keep his word and inform the others of how he'll vote. John asks again if they're trying to put Rotu back together, and we don't hear The Moppet's response. Tammy tells us in a confessional that John pushed The Moppet too far, and that he's still got a chip on his shoulder about it. Tammy makes the arguing men hug, but clearly nothing has been resolved, as John tells us that it's important to get rid of The Moppet right away, and that John has started to "devise a plan to be able to do that." He mentions nothing about smelling a rat, or finding a snake. Said plan may or may not, however, involve the eventual use of his "gut."

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