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A Cowboy, a Clown, and Two Third Graders...

Back at Barramundi, the tribe's water jug is leaking. It's Bozo the Keith's fault -- he's managed to step on the spout while dropping a piece of wood and almost falling over at the same time. Elisabeth and Tina discover the leak and fix it. Bozo the Keith looks guilty. I'm not sure what the significance of this is since it goes absolutely nowhere. Colby returns to camp with his mom and her makeup. Tina tells us Colby's mom and her makeup hugged them and said, "This is a hug from home." Elisabeth cries and clings to Colby's mom and her makeup because they're "token loved one[s]" from home. She says she felt her whole family was there when Colby's mom and her makeup hugged her. Colby's mom and her makeup think the shelter is cruder than they expected. They don't want to sit on the ground and get dirty. Colby tells Bozo the Keith that the Yankees won the world series, and Tina realizes they can hear about current events from Colby's mom and her makeup. Elisabeth says she's realized that the world didn't stop without her. Suddenly Colby's mom and her makeup get up and retrieve a sack. According to Colby, they're like "Santa Claus" with care packages for everyone. Keith gets pictures of his family and chokes up; he has to walk away. It sounds like Tina says, "Look at my daughter's legs." Keith tells us it's really hard, even if there's only two days left. He's cute here -- kind of bashful. Tina tells Colby's mom and her makeup that they've raised a marvelous son. She says she wants her daughter to marry someone like him. Colby's mom and her makeup say they helped raise him but that ultimately "he came from a gene pool." Colby then says that the reunion was bittersweet because he knew the whole time his mom and her makeup were "gonna get taken away." Bozo the Keith promises to cook Colby's mom and her makeup a meal when he returns to the U.S. Like anyone wants a Bozo the Keith meal after the job this show's done on him. Colby wants his mom and her makeup to tell everyone at home how "skinny and hairy" he is. He seems really proud of it. Colby's mom and her makeup get on the helicopter and Colby tries to smile through his tears. If it were dark out, his teeth would guide the way home.

Back at camp, everyone says that Colby's mom was quite a woman. They say nothing about her makeup. Colby tells us he was lucky but now it's time to "shift gears." He says they have to go to Tribal Council "and get rid of one of those people, if not myself." And now the S4 play with their new toys: Colby got a Texas flag bandana. Bozo the Keith brushes his beard hair with a little comb. Colby tells us that his only loyalty is to Tina. Bozo the Keith combs his beard again.

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