The Final Four (Australia)

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A Cowboy, a Clown, and Two Third Graders...

The first vote is for Elisabeth; the second vote is for Bozo the Keith. When the third and fourth votes are for Elisabeth, she looks like she's trying not to cry. Tina hugs Elisabeth, but Elisabeth looks like she'd rather not be hugged by a person who just deprived her of a one in three chance of winning one million dollars. Elisabeth's voice cracks as she tells Tina to "try and wear that thing" as she points at Colby's necklace. Peachy tells them it's come to this: "Three days, two tribal councils, one winner." And one dork-ass host.

As we see the votes over the credits, we learn that Tina drew a little sad face while voting. Elisabeth tells us it's been the most trying experience of her life. With great humility she then explains, "They just didn't want me to get into the final two because I would have kicked some major butt in that situation." ["Which is the truth." -- Wing Chun] She's no Sue Hawk, but she's no Rodger Bingham either.

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