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Fallen Comrats

Kimj, Tom, Lex Loser, and Ethan are spaced far apart as they walk into the Tribal Council. Obviously, this entrance is being staged; they're like bridesmaids in a wedding. Now there's a picture to liven up your night. Peachy is whispery and serious as he greets them. The jury enters, and Brandon is quite the hip swiveler. It looks like Ethan checks out Kimp's butt, but I don't know why he would now, since it was on much better exhibit while she was a competitor. Maybe he's thinking, "So that's what it looks like without that stupid buff tied around it!" Kelly is wearing a cute outfit...for sorority rush; this week, it's Teresa's turn to wear the communal skirt.

Peachy says that the night's immunity challenge is called "Fallen Comrades," and will demonstrate how much they've learned about their fellow tribe members during their time in Africa. He says they've had a lot of conversations, but "how much listening have you really done?" They're doing the challenge at Tribal Council because "ultimately, this is a game about relationships" and the vote will immediately follow the challenge. If that sounded like a non sequitur, it was. In any case, Peachy will ask eight questions about the "original tribemates" of Boran and Samburu. They are to write their answers down, and not reveal them until instructed to do so. These rules are difficult for Tom to grasp, I'm sure, so Peachy states them explicitly.

The first question asks, "What rank did Frank reach in the army?" Frank's face reveals no expression, and none of the S4 look confident. Kimj answers "2nd lieutenant;" Ethan says "sergeant"; Lex Loser guesses "colonel," and Tom says "lieutenant private." The correct answer is "staff sergeant," so no one gets it right.

The next question asks, "Which survivor listed 'manipulating men' on their application as one of their favorite hobbies?" The camera focuses on Kimp, then on Teresa, then on a wickedly grinning Brandon, and finally on a very cat-who-swallowed-the-canary Kelly. All of the S4 think that it's Kelly, and they're all right. She makes a cutesy gesture that she probably thinks is actually cute. Really, if "manipulating men" is one of her hobbies, shouldn't she be at least decent at it?

Peachy next wants to know, "Who was the first to hit a target in the archery competition?" Ethan grins and shlumps over; Tom covers his eyes. Ethan, actually, may or may not have just fallen asleep. Kimj and Lex Loser think it was Clarence; Ethan says it was Kimp; and Big Tom guesses Lindsey. Ethan has about five other names crossed out. Lindsey hit the target, Big Tom takes the lead, and for some reason Kimp nods and looks very smug. She has very active eyebrows throughout these Tribal Councils, as my husband pointed out.

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