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Peachy does his standard "somebody's goin' home" line, and then begins the voting. Kimj votes for Tom and says, "Sorry, buddy. You were great fun, but you started playing that manipulating game, setting one person up against the other. That just doesn't cut it with me." She pronounces "manipulating" as "mani-poo-lating" Ethan takes a little nap on the podium, and then says the vote is the exact thing he didn't want to happen. He says it's not personal; it's every man for himself, and he has no prayer of beating whoever he's voting for in the jury. He respects that person, though, who carried him all the way. Lex Loser votes smugly. Tribal trill! Tom votes for Lex Loser and says it's been a hell of a lot of fun kicking ass together "all the way from sixteen." He says they would have done it again tonight if the "wrong woman" hadn't won immunity. He wishes Lex Loser good luck and says, "It's been fun; one of us has gotta run."

Tally ho, Just Peachy! He returns with the Urn of Survivors Past and proceeds with the reading of the votes. The first is for Tom, who shakes his head and grins. The next vote is for Lex Loser, but since Tom can recognize -- we hope -- his own vote, he already knows the rest are for him if he knows anything at all about Peachy's "tallying" skills. And so it goes. Lex Loser is more crazy-eyed than usual as Tom shakes everyone's hands and tells them to enjoy the rest of the game. Peachy looks regretful as he extinguishes Tom's torch, and Big Tom simply says, "Goodbye, Jeff. Thank you." Except I thought he said, "Goodbye, dear." Hee. Ethan looks sad. Peachy tells the S3, "Get a good night's sleep. You're gonna need it."

In his final words, Tom props his head up with his arm. Sad flute music plays in the background as he says, "Well, well. Look at old Big Tom now." It's been a journey and he wants to say a "special thanks" to Lex Loser and Ethan for making an alliance with him and sticking with it. He says he wouldn't have made it this far without them. He signs off with, "Love, peace, and hair grease!" He'll see us all later. I hope so!

Cingular salutes Kimj. At least someone does.

Flashing lights in the boma at 4:30 in the morning on Day 38. It's a panty raid! It's an alien abduction! It's the roving Wamba discotheque! Actually, it's just Just Peachy, who has arrived with his torch to wake up the S3 and take them on an excursion. Ethan mumbles, "What up? Come on in, buddy!" and Lex Loser rolls over and stares the stare that will haunt Wing Chun all the rest of her days. ["It's true. It will." -- Wing Chun] They want to know where they're being taken, and Peachy says, "We got a big fun day!" I don't know what kind of fun they'll be having without Big Fun Tom around to liven things up, but that's on them. Peachy wants to know how the night watch was; Kimj says it was "uneventful," but Lex Loser thinks it sucked because he was up sick the whole night. Peachy wants to know, "Are they gone?" and then Kimj points out that Lex Loser wasn't helpful with the night watch. Lex Loser answers Just Peachy that thirty minutes ago he was still crapping. In a confessional, he tells us that he was up all night with diarrhea and cramps. He says he couldn't hold down water and "it's just one of those things." Peachy asks, "You went twelve or thirteen times last night, at least?" and Lex Loser says it just didn't stop. At first, I thought Peachy was showing extraordinary concern, but now I think he repeated what Lex Loser had said because the cameras didn't pick it up the first time. Lex Loser tells us that the game doesn't stop, and "it's the real deal." If you're not on your game or if something happens to you at any point, "that's just tough." He's wearing a new necklace in this confessional. Ethan is also wearing a new necklace with a tusk hanging from it; he tells us in a confessional that he is both excited and frustrated by the twists and turns of the game.

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