The Final Four

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Opening remarks: Kelly says she's not a politician. She didn't come to campaign. Kelly says she knows it's just a game and she's tried not to take things personally and hopes that she won't be judged on how she played the game, but rather the person she is. She says she got to know everybody because she cared and wanted to know about everybody else. Fair enough.

Rich disagrees, but very nicely. He feels it is about who played the game better. "My approach to the game was one of strategy from the very beginning." He says he planned even before he arrived on the island. In essence, he doesn't think anybody knows anybody else on a truly personal level after thirty-nine days, so don't vote on who you think you know better.

After many, many commercials, the jury speaks. Gervase starts. He asks if there's any one, two or three things they would change. Rich says he got too comfortable trusting what was said by others. Kelly wishes she hadn't joined the Alliance when she did. The girl is a little confused. Still. Jenna asks which two other contestants they would put in their place. Rich says Rudy for his loyalty and the way he played and Greg because he was big competition. (And let's just say it: He thinks Greg's hot. It's obvious.) Kelly answers Sonja and Gretchen because they were smart, strong, honest, admirable women. Sean takes a break from studying tapes of Matt LeBlanc to forego asking a question and instead commenting that he loves everybody, even Sue. He talks about how much he liked Rich's "Fat Naked Fag" idea, which he will repeat in the reunion later. Okay, Sean, just because you befriended a gay guy doesn't mean you get to go around saying "Fat Naked Fag" all the time. Are we clear, Doc? Colleen comes up all dimples and sugar and spice, and asks what character traits got them both where they are. That's like a Miss Teen USA Pageant question, not that I would know about that...Kelly opts for "faith" because of how close she was for so long to being voted off. "That stupid necklace" was what kept her going. Rich goes for self-awareness, observation and ethics. Colleen snickers at "observation" and follows that up asking about the game Rich lost where he didn't know personal details about people. "It's a different kind of observation," he says. More about sneaky observation of character traits and who can be trusted, not trivia. Again, fair enough. Colleen looks bored by the answer. Rudy gets up and says he feels dumb for the mistake he made. People laugh. Greg gets up. "Rich," he says. "Choose a number between one and ten." "Seven," Rich says instantly. Kelly chooses "three." Greg sits down. "Character is character," Jeff says. The hell does that mean?

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