The Final Showdown

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Not So Fast, Studly

Jeff reminds them to vote for the person they want to win, not the person they want to see voted off. Austin votes. Cirie votes. Bruce votes for Chiclets, calling it "a great pleasure to share this experience" with her. He thinks that she will "touch a lot of people's lives." Sally votes, starting with a smiley face. Courtney votes. When she returns to her seat, Shane leans dramatically to avoid her. Terry votes for Aras, saying he was "head and shoulders the winner." Shane votes.

Jeff goes off to get the urn. When he returns, he explains, of course, that they will have to wait until we return to the U.S. They have dispensed with the Jeff-rides-a-jet-ski, Jeff-cuts-through-the-brush business, so we just move to Jeff in the studio, entering with the urn. All the illusions are dead, man. Dead! And the finale is in New York City instead of L.A. I guess that's a good thing, at least. Jeff strolls up the aisle and takes the stage. Aras's head has gained ten pounds. Jeff: "Let's get to it!" Boy, this is suspenseful -- not.

First vote: Aras. (That's Terry's vote.) Second vote: Chiclets. (That's Bruce's vote.) And then Shane's vote with the number on it, which is for Chiclets. And then Aras again, with Sally's smiley faces. And then Aras again. And then...Aras again, and he's the big winner. He and Chiclets hug. Cirie hugs him next, then Aras heads out into the audience to hug his family. I'm not sure why his family look so happy -- it's not like they're his wife or something. We read "Aras's friends" holding up signs at a party somewhere.

Come back for the Reunion Show to see Aras's giant head, Terry's giant ego, and one good thing that happens to Cirie that isn't nearly as bad as Rupert's Million.

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