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Not So Fast, Studly

The moon. Gitanos, Night 36. Chiclets and Terry work on building a fire as she voices over that she "was determined not to go home tonight at tribal council." She interviews that she's "ecstatic." Terry interviews that he's very pleased with the outcome, and reminds us that he and Chiclets have a pact that if one of them wins, they'll take the other to F2. So the way Terry sees it, there's a two-thirds chance that he and Chiclets will be in the finals together: "[Chiclets] and I are going to take it to Aras, and we're going to go to the finals." Of course, he didn't give Chiclets the hidden idol, exposing her to elimination, so I'm not sure how loyal she's going to be feeling to him.

And then, frogs are croaking, which I'm sure is a metaphor for something, but I don't know what, but I do know that it is Day 37 at Gitanos. Terry is stroking his now-useless hidden immunity idol, saying that it has "Shane hair." Har har, Shane hair. He tells us that it's "worth about twenty-five cents right now," and he never had to use it. Nor did he ever choose to use it. Nor did he ever come up with a way to use it. He does, however, take the idol over to Aras and Chiclets for what seems to be the sole purpose of gloating how he hid it from them, which they very notably don't care about. I mean...everybody knew he had it. What's there to be this pleased with himself about? I mean, the guy got a long way on brute force, and all appropriate props for that, but he really didn't do much that was tricky. Chiclets interviews that Terry just showed off the idol to get another dig in at Aras, which...yep. Agreed. Terry chops a coconut in such a way that he loses all the milk inside, making him faux-swear. At least I think that's what happens. Or else he's just admiring his own toughness. It's hard to say. Chiclets insightfully observes that the relationship between Terry and Aras is "based on rivalry." Glad she's following. Aras chops a coconut next, and then there is a brilliant and hilarious shot of Terry galumphing into the water in giant swim flippers, which does a beautiful job of highlighting the stupidity of this lame-ass rivalry between these two guys -- both of whom are basically dinks, although they're dinks on the opposite sides of the relevant color wheel. Chiclets says that Terry and Aras compete in everything, including who can catch the biggest fish. We watch as Terry and Aras do, indeed, compare their fish, passive-aggressively pretending to be happy about each other's victories. Have there been fish all season? Did they just start catching them? Because I had the impression they were nowhere with fishing, and now it's like a Rupert-spiting fishapalooza. Chiclets says that "deep down inside, we all know that they don't like each other." Not very deep or very far down. Or even really on the inside. She's, like, 0-for-plenty on that comment. She adds that Aras winning the last two has made Terry want revenge, badly. I'm sure that Terry is actually far too mature for those feelings. Shame on you for underestimating him, Chiclets. You are so twenty-four-years-old.

Jeff welcomes the final three to a reward challenge rather than an immunity challenge, which comes as a mild surprise to anyone who wasn't aware that they had futzed with the episode format by starting the finale with essentially three left rather than four. At any rate, in this challenge, you will race up a climbing wall, using pegs that you have to obtain by doing a "table maze," in which you essentially slide a peg along a groove in a table until you can get it from one end to the other. Then, you'll answer a few questions that will allow you to open some more pegs, and then when you have all your pegs, you use them to climb up the wall. You stick the pegs into their individually shaped holes, and then your flag will drop and you're done. And what are you playing for? Well, you're supposed to get a leg up for the final immunity challenge in the form of a "power meal," as well as a cot with a pillow and blanket so that you get a good night's sleep the night before the F3 immunity challenge. As a final reward? After you've already given away a car? That is lame. Like, "Last time, you got a car. Now? Chicken!"

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