The Final Showdown

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Not So Fast, Studly

Ready? Go. They work their way along the table maze. Aras finishes first, and his first set of pegs drops. Terry finishes next. Aras moves to the clues to give him the last two pegs. He finishes this before Terry does, too. Chiclets screws up and is basically knocked out. Terry and Aras are on the climbing wall, and Aras has a lead. But at one point, Aras slips down on the wall, giving up some time. So they're pretty much tied, with Aras up by about two seconds, as they get to the top. Terry is faster to get his pegs in the holes, and when he wins, he is just as demonstrative and show-offy as ever. And then, making me despise him with every fiber of my being more than I did before, Terry comes over and says to Aras, "You are the ultimate competitor!" Right. All you had to do was beat him, and now you can be gracious and stop whining. Where was this respect when Aras kicked your ass, Terry? Nowhere. That's where. And that makes you a sore, sore loser, which is not exactly the most honorable or mature attitude you could possibly adopt. Aras does not take the opportunity to bitch about his loss like Terry did when their situations were reversed. Terry keeps it up, saying to Aras, "You bring you’re A-game every time, man!" Man, SHUT UP. This is insufferable, and the fact that Aras doesn't turn around and punch him in the face is how you know that Aras does know a little about finding your center and swimming in inner peace. You know why it's cool in The Karate Kid when Billy Zabka is like, "You're okay, LaRusso!"? Because Daniel just beat him. When you're an asshole except when you're winning, it's not cool. You are officially less classy than the Cobra Kai, Terry, so I hope you're happy.

Jeff sends Terry off for his reward, but because there's no more hidden idol, nobody has to go to Exile Island this time. Aras and Chiclets head back to camp. Only after he is out of Terry's earshot does Aras give in to frustration and mutter, "I had such a lead, too. Aras, Aras, Aras." Heh. There's a shot of Terry eating, but since it's Terry, they don't show more of it, because he's boring and nobody cares and he needs to have his ass kicked by Pat Morita while wearing a skeleton costume.

Day 37. Gitanos. Aras is skinning a fish while telling the camera that although Terry probably has a better meal, he and Chiclets have fish, and he's not complaining. Aras tells Chiclets that one of the two of them needs to win tomorrow, or neither of them is going to get the money. Chiclets says that she won't give up. Aras says that he knows she won't, although he totally intends to beat her. Terry then returns from his meal with his big cot. Aras asks how it was, and Terry seems to do his best not to be too awful about the size of the reward, downplaying the food somewhat. "Congrats!" Aras says, even though it kills him. He interviews that Terry has an advantage because of the meal, but that on the other hand, now, the pressure is on Terry to win. I think that's what you'd call "the bright side." As they all go to bed, Aras promises Terry that if Terry isn't around the next night, Aras will sleep on the cot in honor of him. I hope that Aras will do a Terry voice while doing so, and that he'll make shadow puppets on the side of the shelter, having one hand say to the other hand, "You're only twenty-four-years-old! Fuck your mother!" And the other one can say, "Be quiet, old man!" That would be a hell of a show. Aras tells us that Terry's dominance doesn't affect him too much, because everybody expects Terry to win the F3 challenge, so there's no pressure on anyone else.

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