The Final Showdown

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Not So Fast, Studly

Austin tells us that he found the game very tough, and playing was "an honor," as is sitting on the jury. I think he is a cheap date, honor-wise. "It was fun having Sally around camp," Aras says. This whole thing yearbook signing, only more impersonal. Sally tells us that her experience was all that she imagined or hoped it would be, and she was happy to make "the final eight." Also known as "the top half." Terry calls Bruce "sensei," and Bruce tells us that he was the smallest, but he's the toughest. The hardest part for him was the part where his intestines almost exploded. Fair enough. Courtney says her life is about growth, and this is her dream, which is sad. She also says she stayed the real Courtney, which is even sadder. Perhaps she will open a spiritual fire-dancing retreat or something.

Now, Shane. "Crazy, ugly, beautiful, insane, somebody who I will always, always hold in my heart," Aras says of Shane. I have a feeling that you hold Shane in your heart forever once you've met him, because disease has a way of settling everywhere. Shane tells us that he has learned he can do anything. Except, presumably, quit smoking. He will remember the experience forever.

Cirie! Everyone loves Cirie, of course. Chiclets calls her "the mom around camp," and Cirie says that she will now not be so fearful of the unknown. Leaves -- boo! Cirie says that she's overcome many things already that she would never have thought she could do, which probably include looking at Shane's balls. The final three insert the torches into handy holes in the Exile Island skull, and then they set the whole thing on fire. It's totally a serious ritual, you guys! Quit laughing!

It burns! It burns! The sky thanks you for giving a hoot and polluting.

The final three are now taken to the location for their last challenge. When they get there, Jeff asks how it went that morning, and Aras says that they enjoyed paying their respects (again with the death metaphors), but they especially enjoyed burning the skull: "None of us ever have to spend another night there."

Now, Jeff explains what is about to happen. The immunity challenge involves balancing on floating platforms. Every fifteen minutes, you'll move to a progressively smaller platform, and when you're on the smallest one, you'll just stay there until only one person is still standing. The only times you can do anything but stand on the platform are when you move from one platform to another, at which point you will have one minute to get yourself positioned, and during that minute, it's okay if you fall in the water or crawl on your knees or whatever. As long as you're ready to start the round in one minute. Last person standing goes to F2 and picks a partner.

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