The Final Showdown

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Not So Fast, Studly

They all step out onto their first platforms. This one looks not to be too hard, as they all are pretty much just standing there. At the ten-minute mark, Chiclets mentions that she sees enormous fish on the bottom of the water, and she wishes she had a line to catch them with. Jeff teases her for thinking about food, and then the next thing you know, it's the end of the fifteen minutes, and it's time to move to the next platform. The platform doesn't look that much smaller, but it's definitely more difficult. Aras has a wobble, but he recovers. When it's time to move to the next platform, Jeff promises that this will be the first hard one. Aras falls off as he moves on to it, but then he clambers on and gets up. Terry, not so much. Terry's in the water, then he's up, then he's in the water again. Once you're wet, of course, this is much more difficult, because you weigh more and it's hard to balance with heavy clothes leaning all over the place. It goes down to the last second, but Terry gets himself up just in time to start the round. It doesn't last, though, and quickly, Terry is in the water. He is out. Ha! That was such a relief. As Aras and Chiclets stand there, Aras looks over at her, and she nods. It's potentially ambiguous, but it seems that later, they'll both agree they for this to be an indication that they were cutting a deal: Aras would quit and she would take him to F2. Of course, those "deals" are kind of silly; Aras clearly only wants a deal because he knows she can beat him, so he's not really giving up all that much. Nevertheless, he bails off the platform, and Chiclets is the winner. Boy, who called that? Nobody, that's who. She gets the immunity necklace for the first and last time. She will now have to sit and figure out whom to take to the final two. And Aras and Terry, giant blowhards that they are, ultimately have no control over their respective fates. Which is brilliant, sort of.

Later, we find Chiclets strolling around camp thinking about what she's going to do. We also get some awesome animal shots, though, including a defenseless crab getting taken by a bird. I did understand what that one was a metaphor for. Chiclets tells us that "God never makes it easy," and she is...apparently speaking of the difficulty of winning this immunity challenge. Not exactly the stuff of a spiritual or the singing of the blues, unless you are Katharine McPhee and believe that singing the blues involves grinning like a simpleton. She says that it was great to win, but the choice is difficult, because her "brain started thinking right away." Tee hee. She says her choice could make the difference between her winning and losing a million dollars, which...probably not, in my opinion. I don't think she has a chance in hell of beating either one of them. However, it seems like it's a completely done deal against Terry (Sally, Austin, and a then-bitter Aras and Cirie would be lost to her), while against Aras, a few more votes seem up in the air, since they betrayed a lot of the same people in a lot of the same ways at a lot of the same times. I don't even think it's a close call -- I think she has to take Aras.

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